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  1. Right-wing propaganda machine in overdrive.....
  2. The talk of entrapment would he humorous if it wasn't so pathetic.
  3. "....maybe they shouldn't be in the country..."
  4. Important point to remember. NFL owners simply view the issue as a PR headache they don't want or need. It's never smart to attempt to appease a racist, even if he's the president. Red meat for his base and any hope by the owners that Trump would drop the issue was foolish thinking.
  5. That tweet is a bit of a mess but if you actually read the piece it's clear- Johnson will not sanction his players as the new rule allows.
  6. Check NASCAR ratings. Really no definitive proof of that.
  7. Would have been nice if the owners had worked through the issue with the players in an attempt to reach a resolution rather than acting unilaterally.
  8. Five guilty pleas and seventeen indictments to date. Far from being on life support, it's actually gaining momentum and continuing to be extremely productive.
  9. The danger is people peddling false hope for a quick buck. Sounds like something the grifter-in-chief would do so it's not surprising he supports the bill.
  10. Brings back memories of apricot pits curing cancer.