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  1. Endorsing Dennis Kucinich for Ohio governor being a big one.
  2. Deliberate- can't find something you're not looking for.
  3. Saw the video- he received an enthusiastic GOP response for a guy that's a convicted felon and some would say a traitor.
  4. Has Roger Simon read the OPR report? If not, he's just engaging in meaningless partisan posturing.
  5. Report needs to be released so people can make an accurate judgment. Trump has politicized the process so significantly that it's hard to have any faith in it.
  6. McCabe will likely get the last laugh.
  7. Nothing wrong with the economy that another round of tax cuts won't fix.
  8. No way to really know what Trump's appearance did. Reminds me of a football fan attempting to convince himself that a defeat was actually a good loss.
  9. Stopped taking the piece seriously right there.
  10. He takes a position on abortion not unusual for a Democratic Catholic to take. It's only pro-life if you're trying to spin the race as Paul Ryan was doing.
  11. He was a Nancy Pelosi liberal before the election and when he won he suddenly became a Republican. GOP needs to work on their messaging.