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  1. Cornyn has just opened the door to delaying the vote. Need to keep up the pressure.
  2. Yes, that "economic anxiety" that made Trump so popular with the whites.
  3. It's really a not too surprising result given the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the modern Republican party. I'm old enough to remember when ripping insurance away from 20+ million people would actually bother most of the party.
  4. From Sperry's piece: The actual facts: Link
  5. Link There's a piece from January. Not sure what's new in that piece other than unsubstantiated speculation from Sperry.
  6. Simply false to say Obama did nothing; the issue is whether he should have done more than he did. I've been critical of him but this is largely second-guessing with the benefit of hindsight.
  7. Gutting Medicaid.
  8. Don't think it was that as much a fear of appearing partisan which produced disastrous results. That sort of thing is pretty typical of Democrats in general, not just the Obama administration. How Democratic timidity may have helped Trump get elected Another good view from the left that's hard to disagree with.
  9. Remember very well Obama wasting all sorts of time courting Snowe when it was apparent she would never support the bill in the end.
  10. This Is Where Obama Choked A view from the left that's really hard to disagree with.
  11. No ideology or core beliefs either. That's why Republican legislators are finding him so easy to manipulate.
  12. His supporters will claim it's "fake news". Hard to feel too much sympathy for the gullible being conned by an obvious con man.
  13. I'd put the probability of the bill's passage at roughly 95% (with minor cosmetic changes to provide some political cover).
  14. The reason the GOP is comfortable pushing through a wildly unpopular bill is because at the end of the day they believe GOP voters won't.