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  1. If the investigation were truly flailing conservatives wouldn't be soiling themselves and trying to kill it.
  2. The guy who was supposedly so concerned about the cost of the bill and its effect on the deficit has just flipped. Bob Corker is now a yes and exposed himself as a fraud.
  3. Gives you an idea how proud the GOP is of its bill.
  4. Trump is on teevee right now taking credit for the Obama economy.
  5. I've seen Peterson a few times on FoxNews and he's dumb as dirt.
  6. Rubio now a no without an expanded tax credit for the working poor.
  7. Fox and Friends claimed the Weinstein scandal caused Moore's loss.
  8. Perhaps there's' another possibility- Trump doesn't doubt the intelligence, he just doesn't have any real issue with the meddling that put him in power and could help maintain that hold.
  9. Even if he keeps his seat, being in the minority isn't fun. My guess is he sees a wave on the horizon.
  10. Comparing the ‘Trump economy’ to the ‘Obama economy’ A pretty good analysis. The bottom line:
  11. It's what the historical record shows.
  12. Risk you take when you're a minority and work for a stone cold racist.