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  1. Another poll.
  2. Doesn't seem particularly conducive to getting tax reform done. Think Trump at this point is all about feeding his ego through airing grievances and he's not concerned about legislation.
  3. The unhinged right presents a legitimate threat and Trump is in dangerous territory with that type of rhetoric.
  4. Roundly criticized across the political spectrum.
  5. The myth of economic anxiety just doesn't want to die, largely because many conservatives desire to keep it alive.
  6. Trump certainly does understand his base.
  7. Go back and look at the reported response of Bannon to the events in Charlottsville. He feels racial strife is good for ginning up Trump's base and the polling supports that.
  8. He feels it helps him electorally.
  9. Number I'm hearing is roughly 4,000 more troops. United States will be basically babysitting the country indefinitely.