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  1. Pretty shameful performance by Kelly.
  2. Where are all the GOP Benghazi patriots?
  3. Not much demographic reach there.
  4. Trump needs to learn to stop digging when he finds himself in a hole.
  5. Sociopaths don't have much empathy. Perhaps it would be best if someone else made these calls.
  6. Funds the CSR subsidies for two years.
  7. Sounds like he's just recycling the discredited claims in Clinton Cash.
  8. John Soloman has a history of peddling partisan nonsense. Best to view anything he puts out with a skeptical eye.
  9. Trump as already acknowledged that he cut the payments off as a negotiating tactic. Your legal fig leaf doesn't fly.
  10. Curious that French failed to note that Collyer stayed her own decision pending appeal and Trump continued to make the legal payments.
  11. Puzzling that Trump continues to apparently believe he won't pay a political price for his sabotage. Appears Tillerson was right.
  12. People who work for him are just as vile and despicable as the Orange POS himself.