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  1. Hurt his knee on the last play of their last offensive series against Franklin last week. He suited up and tried to go today but was limping badly in warmups.
  2. Damascus and Walkersville tied 0-0 at the half. Oxon Hill leads Northern-Calvert County 28-14 at the half
  3. Milford defeats C Milton Wright 46-14
  4. They played yesterday
  5. Woodlawn’s loss last night knocked City out
  6. Upset tonight in Baltimore County.... Sparrows Point defeats Woodlawn 15-8
  7. St Paul’s up 34-14 in the 4th
  8. I never said Baltimore County had a great OOC record this year
  9. Who runs the air raid version of the spread....which you said won’t be successful because City doesn’t get the athletes.
  10. Your numbers are all wrong. Mervo and City were the only teams that played Baltimore County teams and granted the City won both games.....but they also played Woodlawn and Dulaney. The numbers you posted I’m guessing are the W-L records for the “Big 7” vs all OOC opponents.....which would be 9-8. Sounds very average to me. But if you like it, I love it!!
  11. City league is 8-13 vs out league opponents thus far in 2017. I can calculate last years numbers if you'd like.
  12. Then how come it doesn't translate when going against teams outside the city?
  13. We can agree to disagree on that
  14. So instead of being open minded to a new scheme and giving the guy more than 7 games before you make a sweeping generalization, you would rather stick with the same “ground and pound” offense that has had City missing the playoffs 6 of the last 10 years? I was also unaware that Baltimore City is the only place where they play man coverage.
  15. Curious to hear why Duncan’s system doesn’t fit playing against Baltimore City teams and would only work in the county.