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  1. One helluva player and good luck at the next level. It was a pleasure watching you play.
  2. Fair enough and yes, I was not aware of the changes after the Alco game. Figured JV players were brought up as well. Good stuff to know and why I asked.
  3. GA I am asking a question vs making an assumption and yes I agree it’s hard to believe they only started with 31. I’m not accusing, just asking. If it is all “up and up” or nothing at all....a simple question will not cause offense or be an issue. thanks for chiming in and giving your insights.
  4. I have no doubt I am going to get hammered for this and have my question labeled as “sour grapes,” but I would like to know if Dunbar added players through out the season and if so, how? I am hearing and reading statements like the Poets started with 31 players and ended with 47. Shouldn’t rosters being locked once the season starts? instead of speculating and assuming something is off, I figured I’d come right to the experts and ask. Meth007 you are on the clock sir....please explain if this is true and if it is, how is is possible? Is it a Baltimore City thing? Were they JV players moved up? Transfers?
  5. That they were. Alco coaches were there today and I received several texts about “Allegany being the only Cumberland team to beat Dunbar this year” lol We loathe each other. Again, it is what it is. One final comment and I’ll see y’all next year. It was a great run and likely a run FH will not see again in my lifetime. But all good things come to an end. Dunbar, congrats and enjoy your reign as champ this earned it. Fort Hill will be back in the mix next year and Alco, Lackey and Douglass-PG will be ready as well. Poets, you are a fantastic program and have an amazing coach. Again...congrats!!
  6. Is what it is. I don’t agree with it, but it’s a culture. Being head coach at FH or Alco is harder than being the Mayor of Cumberland....and that job sucks! 99.9% of the comments, if there are any is an “in the moment” reaction to another loss to Dunbar and the end of “the run.” In a week, Appel will be a God again and all will be well at FH, as they quest to regain the title begins tomorrow morning. Appel is well beloved.
  7. Yes some are crazy, but all are passionate.
  8. A lot of people are wondering why you go away from #5 Banks in the second half when he chewed up the Dunbar defense for 130 some odd yds in the first half? Obviously there was something the coaches know, that we don’t. I won’t second guess many things with this group after 4 straight state titles and being a drive away from the a 5th. We have a lot of “arm chair QBs” in Sentinel Nation, we are spoiled over recent successes. Appel and Co aren’t perfect, but they are damn good and like you said his numbers speak to being one of the best ever.
  9. Without the speed in the secondary of the past 4 years, Dunbar was to much and made great 2nd half defensive adjustments. They are who we thought they were. Dunbar is our kryptonite. Great effort by FH, love our team win or lose and it was a great and historic run.
  10. It was a great run by the Sentinels and a good game. The King is dead. Long live the return of the King. Congrats Dunbar on title #8!!
  11. The FH kicker is a sophomore.
  12. Yes sw1, I too think it will be a great game. Nobody on the FH staff or their players think Dunbar is the same team that played Allegany week 1. I don't know to many fans who are thinking that way either. Dunbar has always been a team that has gotten stronger as the year progressed and the best chance of beating them was always early in the season, before they got rolling. FH isn't the same team either, they are now battle tested and no how to win close games. This is a priceless asset against Dunbar, because games between them and FH are traditionally close. My last statement until after the game (win or lose) is don't sleep on FH. Yes they squeaked into the title game after back to back 1 point wins, but they know how to win. Blow out, close game or a "guns a'blazing shoot out" FH has seen them all this season. Good luck to all the teams still playing and looking forward to re-igniting the rivalry between Dunbar vs FH. Hopefully we can start to make it a little less one
  13. I do not in any shape or form, think that FH will stop Dunbar's offense. However I do think they will be able to slow it down somewhat. It should also be noted that FH averaged 50.4 pts a game during the regular season, so our offense is potent as well. Alco gashed Dunbar for 49 pts and the FH offense is just as potent and i think our defense is better than Alco's. This FH team can also pass when need be and is very effective at doing so, unlike FH teams of the past. As always, I foresee the game being a tight one, but I think FH pulls it out.
  14. You always have to go with your own team, but I truly like FH’s chances vs Dunbar. Historically, I’ve never been optimistic when FH played them, this time...I am.
  15. 1. Wise 2. Liganore 3. Damascus 4. Fort Hill (to set the state record at 5 state titles in a row)