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  1. Cool, but I still don't ever see this happening. At least in my lifetime.
  2. Yeah that commercial pisses me off -- the one where they're meeting the mom who is running a marathon. The dad is driving like a jerk through a city -- even passing by cops while being an idiot!
  3. SHOCKER He'll be back on the street shortly. But the good news is once he kills someone maybe they'll put him away for life.
  4. Special interest groups.
  5. How did this parasite get bail?
  6. I am glad this guy was killed before he killed someone, and judging by the way violent criminals graduate up the crime ladder to murder, he was well on his way.
  7. I'm just appalled that this guy was walking the streets. I'm appalled that people collect six-figure salaries to decide whether this guy was fit to walk the streets and then LET HIM WALK THE STREETS!!! The system is broken. Always has been, but never more than now, especially in urban areas.
  8. I'd love to hear about the driver who caused all of this. Like, what kind of person was he? Why did he have a complete and utter disregard for driving laws during his lifetime? Why did he think driving 100 MPH on a windy country two-lane road and passing others in non-passing sections of the road was OK? Why was he in such a hurry? I can imagine what this guy was like, and he was most likely a complete degenerate waste of human flesh, but I would still like to know. If anything this just shows you how you're at the mercy of others when driving. You can be the safest driver there is, but there will always be a Joshua Devine on the road. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.
  9. Shouldn't have been on the friggin' street to even get hired!!!
  10. Wow. Shame the Lord didn't take him then.
  11. Victims were two 19 year-olds and a 20 year-old, one of whom was pregnant. The driver who caused the accident was Joshua Paul Devine, 30. As expected, his driving history includes 22 counts of traffic violations, including driving without a license, which I am sure what he was doing at the time of the accident. He was also charged with a hit & run, and fleeing cops on foot after an accident. Seems like a real winner. Shame he had to take 3 innocent people with him.
  12. Apparently he racked up a violent crime rap sheet in Delaware and elsewhere.
  13. Just checked out his court history...lots of traffic violations. Nothing violent. Until now.
  14. It happened close to New Windsor. I drive that road all the time. He just drove through the town. To be driving that fast through town, and get up to 100 MPH so quickly...just no need whatsoever. Waiting for the ID of this jackhole. Won't be surprised to find him driving on a suspended license or have a long list of traffic violations.