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  1. Plenty of coke and heroin for him in Charm City.
  2. Dan isn't really holding back now. Can't blame him. He's probably got one of those paper chains that kids make to count down the days to christmas. Instead he's using it to count down the days until his contract is up. He's basically laying things that he doesn't agree with at the feet of Angelos. "That's an ownership decision". This team does a lot a lot of stupid stuff out of principle. That's Pete for you.
  3. I think so. They have to commit to the run, but they have the WR/TE combo and Foles is one of the better back-up QB's in the league. It definitely weakens their chances, though.
  4. Honest question. How do they expect to add talent? They don't participate in the international pool. They're not going to tank for better picks. They're not spending for high end free agents. They're not going to trade away vets for prospects. They don't have a system in place to develop MiL players, particularly pitching. They've failed in every facet in developing pitching, going back to the mid-90's. They've even given away useful pitching prospects for nothing, which means they fail to identify the prospects in their system who could be successful. The only thing they have done is Rule 5, which every team does, and give away international money for AAAA guys who they expect to produce at the MLB level. The game has changed from even 4-5 years ago when you could luck into a Nelson Cruz anymore. So how do they think they will compete in a year or two? There will be a new GM and likely a new manager. But don't worry, we're going for it in 2018. Angelos is a lawyer and a successful one at that -- no way he can be this dumb, but these are the facts.
  5. They'll do neither. They'll go middle of the road in every facet of the game and end up with 76 wins. Hey, they owe it to the fans, after all.
  6. Oh, Jefferson sucks.
  7. I think they could beat KC, SD, TEN or JAX in the first round. Very different offense since we played JAX and TEN the first time. They could easily be a one and done, too, but first they need to focus on actually making the playoffs.
  8. At least a run keeps the clock moving. And you could always use the defense that it worked all game so you go with what's been working at critical moments. Collins looked like an absolute stud last night and Pitt had no answer for him even when they knew he was getting the ball. How do you go away from that when you need just one first down?
  9. Morningwheg has called two good games in a row but it would be nice to have an OC with a killer instinct. We haven't had that since Kubiak. All our other OC's are scaredy pants when the game is on the line.
  10. Maclin was Perriman-esque last night. Probably single-handedly cost us the game. He's partly to blame for the INT. Couldn't stay in bounds on that last drive. Lay on the ground and cost us a TO. A brutal game from him. That said, the coaching was awful in spots. They coach scared. When you're running all over a team you keep doing what is working at critical moments. Not change what you're doing. I never expected to win last night and I'm not all that bummed out about it but we need to find out ways to win those games at some point.
  11. Well, we fought the Steelers tough and probably should have won that game. Feels like we say that a lot about this team and that's on the coaches for a lot of it. The offensive play calling was great overall but was scared and confusing in critical spots. The defense was non-existent. The decision to keep Carr on Brown all game 1 on 1 was a fireable offense. The pressure was weak. They threw 60 times and how many times did we even collapse the pocket or pressure Ben? Six-seven times? That said, this is exactly why I posted this thread. We were the road dogs and no one gave us a chance to win that game. We fought hard and played well. It's a game to build on. Collins is a stud. Flacco suddenly looks like a NFL QB. We just need to get the leaky defense fixed for when we face real NFL QB's. They've feasted on some terrible back-up QB's and that Bengals game week 17 looms large for making the playoffs. Will we be able to stop Dalton and Green?
  12. Let's face it. No democratic governor was getting the Red Line built either. It would have been studies, studies, studies, delays, delays, delays, augmented routes, BRT, more money, etc. Sucks to lose all the money spent on those studies, but you have to cut your losses at some point. And I say that as a HUGE mass transit supporter. It's a sad reality in this city & state. What we have now is likely what we'll always have.
  13. Yeah. Granted this was one time on a slow Sunday morning. I can only imagine what things are like during rush hour.
  14. Because NFL coaches are stubborn. They play toward other team's weaknesses rather than play to your team's strengths -- see the Titans game when they tried to pass the ball 50 times and tried to attack with Perriman. Epic fail. All they had to do was review tape of 2014 and apply that to today. They didn't apply that until last Sunday. Hopefully they don't revert back to their terrible playcalling. They've got a real chance to improve and make noise in the playoffs.
  15. Nope. Food stamps. The poorest states in America are the reddest. Look it up.