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  1. Routinely blowing sizable leads. Not a good sign. They're still in trouble.
  2. Good to know Mt. Vernon is no longer safe. Great.
  3. With the BP a mess I think they keep Asher there for a while longer. O's are 5-4 in games Ubaldo starts. Not because of the way he's pitched, of course, but I bet he stays in the rotation for the time being.
  4. As bad as Ubaldo has pitched this year the O's are 5-4 in games he's started. So I doubt they're panicking as much about his future here as the fans.
  5. This may be hyperbole but it feels like we've blown more leads this year than we have since 2012 combined. The point is, this bullpen needs to be elite for this team to succeed. It's how we won all those 1-run games and outplayed our Pythagorean W-L record to the tune of: Year / Pythagorean W-L / Actual W-L / Difference 2012 / 82-80 - 93-69 / 11 games 2013 / 85-77 / 85-77 / 0 games 2014 / 94-68 / 96-66 / 2 games 2015 / 83-79 / 81-81 / -2 games 2016 / 84-78 / 89-73 / 5 games 2017 / 22-21 / 25-18 / 3 games That's 19 games above our pythagorean W-L record over the course of 5+ years. Bottom line, if our bullpen isn't elite, we're screwed. And chances are it can't be elite without Britton pitching at an elite level and he likely isn't back until July.
  6. Religion of peace strikes again. Going to the Ravens game in Wembley this September. Still going, nothing short of all out warfare could keep me from going but this is always going to be in the back of my mind.
  7. And the pitching coach who oversaw him during that stretch is gone. And now Ubaldo sucks again. Enough with the reclamation projects.
  8. I was there. Had probably the best seats I've ever had for a game ten rows back from the plate. Was thrilled when they got the five run lead and then left before the 7th. I don't think I've ever been so angry leaving a game before and realizing that I may need a break from this team. I knew no less was safe with UJ pitching and when Wilson came in I knew it was as good as over. It seems like whenever I watch they lose so maybe I'll do them and all of you a favor.
  9. It's pretty sad when all of Baltimore knows Ubaldo completely sucks yet the O's keep running him out there. You could say the same of Wilson too. Injuries schminjuries these two bums would likely be here if no one was hurt. Its time for Ewwwbaldo to go to the street and for Asher to be given a look in his spot.
  10. Ubaldo ain't going anywhere.
  11. I like Pena but having 3 MLB-roster-worth catchers is a good problem to have.
  12. You've been saying this crap for years. Broken clocks are right twice a day. Congrats.
  13. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
  14. Of course. Could go either way. Just saying this is a team that gets the players blood up. Might be what doctor ordered.