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  1. It wouldn't be perfect from the start, but it sounds like a complete mess, which is unfortunate. If Baltimore isn't going to build a real, world-class transit system with heavy-rail or light rail, the aim should be to have the best bus system in the country. They weren't within eyesight of that before, and they may be even further from that now. A real disappointment but it's also not surprising.
  2. At this point I really don't care what they do with machado. But it's getting harder to see him in an O's uniform beyond 2018.
  3. This has been said a dozen times during his contract. He's going nowhere. There's no one in the organization to take his place and the money's been spent.
  4. The only thing this team should be buying are some boxes and a Monster.com account.
  5. Don't worry guys. We're still buyers st the deadline.
  6. They could have had both. And signed Cruz. They were all very good value deals. I wonder what was available earlier on in the offseason after 2015. Gallardo was like asking the last remaining girl to the prom. I was OK letting Markakis go at the time. And when his power was zapped, I felt it was the right way to go. But he's been an OBP machine since leaving which also hurts. Shoulda kept that 2014 team in tact all the way around. DD did well within the parameters set by Angelos early on. He was able to string together a pretty solid rotation with the Bud Norris', Joe Saunders' and Miguel Gonzalezs' of the world. But since 2014 he's struck out on nearly every guy he's brought in. Combine that with Gausman's struggles and Tillman's injury and struggles and this is how you get to 19 straight games of 5+ runs allowed. So either Duquette was lucky to hit on those guys from 2012-2014, or something has changed with his approach. Either way it's not working.
  7. I think it's pretty cut and dry. Granted the evidence probably wouldn't be enough to get someone convicted for murder but I think using Occam's Razor to deduce who did it is applicable here. There's just too many coincidental things to ignore.
  8. LOL The city can't even run a good trash program.
  9. Yeah thats a good point too. But at the time, people didn't like the move. We had no idea we'd get Smith out of it, which has mitigated the damage. Hopefully we can roll Smith into something else, something that can help this team down the road.
  10. Any idiot could have looked at Gallardo's and stayed away. Declining K's for 4 seasons. Declining velocity. Cost a first round pick to sign him. Shoulder problems. A 3-year deal was embarrassingly bad for someone like that even before the physical. Oh and how many times has a player failed an O's physical and then moved on? What was so special about Gallardo that we still had to sign him after all those warning flags? Maybe it was because he signed so late in the offseason that DD had no choice but to get him. And thats one of his biggest flaws...he waits, and waits, and waits...to see what can fall into his lap. O'Day wasn't a bad signing at the time, but when you put it up against Andrew Miller, it looks much worse. Who would you rather have? They got similar deals.
  11. Sorry to disappoint everyone but Ubaldo is pitching a gem tonight to end the streak. That just seems like how it'll happen.
  12. Hunter is unbearable even when the team is winning but when they're losers, I don't think the word to describe how terrible he is has been invented yet. If he were on the Titanic while it was sinking he'd be commenting on how good the caviar was and how well the band is playing.
  13. It'll all be over soon.
  14. When they were 22-10 their advanced stats weren't good. Duquette definitely deserves a lot of blame. He's had 3 abysmal offseasons in a row.
  15. What's Billy Rowell up to? Matt Hobgood.