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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/16/us/baltimore-murder-rate.html Tragic, considering this is a "second chance" school for HS drop outs.
  2. Haley is gone.
  3. Sure, bud.
  4. How much have you donated?
  5. Unfortunately, it probably means he only serves close to 20.
  6. This is true. Pound it on the ground and get a turnover or four. The Patriots are one of those teams that will fold if you punch them in the mouth. See: Pollard hit on Ridley.
  7. Yup, I was at that game. It was probably the best game experience I've had at the stadium. Maybe I've had better but that was the first time when it felt like NFL football was really back in Baltimore, and it was the first time we beat the Jags.
  8. They did allow 36 points to the Jags.
  9. It wasn't on the original list. Some guys at Baltimore Sports and Life actually contacted the writer and grilled him over why that wasn't on the list so he wrote back and said they'd add it.
  10. I understand that frustration. But Pees is gone and that’s all I wanted. Whether he was let go or retired it doesn’t matter to me.
  11. Dare I say it I also get a sense of white elitism from the Patriots too. Think about it. Belichick, Brady and Kraft were all outed as avid Trump supporters. Most of their skill players are and have been white, even positions where white players are a rarity. They must have more white WR than the rest of the NFL combined. A white RB. They haven't had a black coordinator since 2004 (Crennell). Jacoby Brissett was their first black QB after 57 years. With all the controversy out there about race and the NFL I'm surprised no one has latched onto that. It may be nothing, but there have been national movements built on less.
  12. I can't think of a single game or even a single pivotal play, where it was obvious the Patriots got screwed by the refs. It happens to every other team in the NFL but I can't remember a single call screwing the Patriots and since they're always on TV I happen to watch a lot of their games...about as much as any other team.
  13. Haley is as good as gone. Ben doesn't like him and never has. Love that there's some Dram in Pissburgh.
  14. No I imagine it's getting boring for them too.
  15. Looking ahead to the Patriots is on Tomlin. But he was even guilty of that. "We should win it all." Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
  16. ESPN doesn't think the Mile High Miracle is one of the best plays in playoff history: http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/266670/case-keenum-stefon-diggs-play-one-of-greatest-in-nfl-playoff-history-2
  17. For a league so worried about ratings they need to stop putting the Patriots blowout games in primetime. This game was over by halftime. I tuned out well before that. They should play these games in Tokyo so they can air at 3 AM. That's the appropriate time slot for such a boring, one sided game.
  18. Get at me Steeler trolls. Hahahahaha. Love it. Punked in your own house. Again. By Blake Bortles. Only thing sweeter would have been to do it ourselves. Jags are going to give NE a fight. I don't think they'll win but I think they have a shot, for sure.
  19. If these idiotas want to post their terrorist rap videos on line, YouTube and prosecutors should be more than happy to hunt them down and arrest them for gang affiliation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/im-not-going-anywhere-rapped-a-defiant-ms-13-gang-member-days-later-he-was-dead/2018/01/13/971f4a3a-f70c-11e7-a9e3-ab18ce41436a_story.html?utm_term=.ac9893cbdca6
  20. What do you want to bet Hogan is our governor in 2019?
  21. Will never get my vote.
  22. Gun charges are supposed to get 5 years, right? Yet in Baltimore, those charges are dropped and attempted friggin' murder only gets you 5 years. Then within months of getting released, he succeeds this time. He murders someone. I guess now he'll be in prison for "life"? Congrats, Bodymore. You finally succeeded in getting a murderous parasite off the street.
  23. Definitely pulling for JAX. They deserve a good run after all those years of misery. They're going to need to create TO's to win, just like the last time. And with Brown beat up and dealing with an illness, Pittsburgh might be down a weapon.
  24. Good get this scum off the street.
  25. Yup. That's what mine does. And we don't get much of it either, and we never accrue more the longer you've been here. Been here 14 years in April and I still only get 18 days a year. Same as when I started in 2004. Less actually. It was 21 back then.