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  1. Anyone a fan here? I grew up on it. What are your favorite artists, groups, albums, etc?
  2. What a tragedy. Hope they find this guy quickly before he kills again. RIP and condolences. Gotten to the point where I should just copy and past that phrase when needed.
  3. He also had years of training being a former cop.
  4. Same old song in Baltimore these days.
  5. It probably was. However, it was what, a $100 bill? What did they get from him... $94? Is that worth a life? Insane. At least it is somewhat comforting that these parasites weren't from Baltimore, if at all.
  6. How crazy is it that the last murder in LP happened in the basement of the house where yesterday's victim was living?
  7. I don't know about that. I'd be shocked if they see the outside of a jail cell again in life. 37 y/o, not sure how old the guy is, but a 40 year sentence puts them away well into their 70's.
  8. For a second I thought I knew the dude in the orange. Agreed they don't strike you as people capable of doing this.
  9. The video is blurry but it looks like her LKA is in Atlanta, GA. I couldn't find any Tonya Hayes in the case search that met her details.
  10. Do we even know if he did fight back, or resist? I know he said he would, but it's different when presented with that reality.
  11. Finally some good news relating to the MTA. Hopefully they don't celebrate the 9% increase too much and continue to get better and more reliable.
  12. There is no crime deterrent that exists today. We need to keep people locked up so that they can't get back out in a few months and pick up where they left off.
  13. You have it backwards. The suspect held the door for the victim. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-south-baltimore-homicide-20171114-story.html
  14. I just can't believe that there are HIGHLY PAID people deciding to let repeat violent offenders back on the street where the likelihood of them committing another crime/murder is extremely high. In what world does that happen? I mean, it's 2017! The public should be up in arms about this, but there is very little outrage about this. It's starting to take shape, but not to the point where things will change. No, the real outrage is directed toward kneeling NFL players and confederate statues. What the hell is happening in the world today?
  15. Take the trials away from the judges then too.
  16. Time to start moving these trials out of the city.
  17. So the city has said there's a small percentage of the population that is responsible for a majority of violent crime. They've been through the system...they're known to the authorities. Time to crack down on that "group". Task force, undercover, etc. And for the love of God, charge these parasites with federal crimes so they're not back on the street in a matter of weeks! The government went to war to stop people from drinking in the 20's...100 years later people are being gunned down on our streets and the "government" doesn't even do so much as bat an eyelash.
  18. Such a shame. Been to Rowhouse several times. I don't recognize Alex but it hits harder when you put these murders into some kind of personal context. My sister also lives about 10 mins away by foot. Scary, scary, scary. The families of victims need to start suing the city. I'm sure when they arrest this POS that his rap sheet will be as long as all the other violent criminals in this city. The blood of the innocent is on the judges, DA's and juries of this city.
  19. Gangstarr is my favorite group. DJ Premier on the beats, Guru on the mic. The most consistent group in rap, IMO. A Tribe Called Quest is just behind. Like De La Soul, they transcended the genre. Their most recent album, released last year, is one of their best. Amazing group. Wu Tang Clan -- what more can be said about them? A rap group unlike anything that came before, or after. Those are my top 3. I have a lot of other faves, but those are the ones that stand out for me the most.
  20. Haggis is amazing. Can't get it here, at least in it's true form.
  21. I consider old school to be anywhere from say...1985-2000.
  22. Sure they do have rights. You can't kill 'em. But you can also enforce stricter sentences and keep them locked away longer and not violate their rights.
  23. Send them to the A Clockwork Orange school. Seriously. Get them off the dang streets. Who cares if they can be "rehabilitated". Probably not. I'm not concerned about them -- I'm concerned about the people they harm. Teens or not -- screw 'em. Get them the hell off our streets.
  24. Would you prefer: 1. The current situation, 4-5 with Flacco as QB. 2. Colin Kaepernick as QB with the Ravens 6-3. Not saying that CK would have gotten us to that record. Not saying that had the Ravens signed him that he'd even be starting over Flacco. I just want to know that despite all the political stuff that CK brings to the table, would you prefer him as QB if he had the Ravens at 6-3?