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  1. Actually I dislike talking about guns. Because it usually means some terrible tragedy has just happened.
  2. I don't see anything more important than protecting school kids. Or for that matter movie goers, or club goers, or people at a work event. You know, innocent people trying to improve and enjoy their life. Drug dealers taking one another out, while necessary to stop, is definitely not more important.
  3. I don't think it matters how Christian Europe is, or anywhere else. Islam is growing at an alarming rate regardless.
  4. Who cares what you think.
  5. Hmmm...a certain someone could take some pointers.
  6. Flaherty can't hit any pitching. I'll admit, he's decent in the field. He's the Paul Bako of utility infielders.
  7. I wonder what would have happened if this bill was introduced in 2014 during today's climate in regards to school shootings and safety. Would they have put it off for 4 years? Or is it because it's an election year that they're saving this for if they get a Dem in office come November. Either way, shame on them.
  8. I'd still rather have Valencia do that. Flaherty sucks.
  9. I'm thankful for what he did for us in 2016 and it was a mistake to sign him long term coming off what is undoubtedly a career year for him. But his career of low OBP and ~.240 AVG doesn't help this team one bit. And he can't play defense. He won't be missed while hurt.
  10. Please, lord, no.
  11. Sorry I misquoted you. And I agree, we need more families who love and care for one another, especially in the inner city. But still, it's not the cure all for gun violence. America worships guns unlike any other country in the world. Hence leading the world in gun violence. Until we start to address that, the violence will continue.
  12. Here’s what the bill would do. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-gun-control-proposals-20180227-story.html
  13. I agree the collapse of the family unit is a big part of where we are. But this Austin bomber came from a Christian family and still grew up to kill people. Sometimes people are just evil, or messed up enough to feel the need to kill people. Sometimes all the parentage in the world doesn’t prevent that. That’s why we need laws that’s why we need tougher laws when we’ve reached epidemic levels with gun violence. I also take issue with the “things were better in 1960”. Blacks couldn’t vote, couldn’t attend schools with whites and drink out of white fountains. Yeah it may have been more wholesome but there were some nasty things going on with race that have lead to where we are today. So things weren’t necessarily better back then. For whites, yeah. For everyone else, no. and if we want to continue with the city discussion don’t underestimate drugs, which were introduced to ghettos right around the time you hold so dear.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks home schooling isn’t necessarily a good thing?
  15. No I’m talking about trying to find a motive. At his house, on his computer or where ever. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.
  16. Yeah I was thinking about the casino stuff too. Ehlrich introduced it, it was shot down, and once Marty got in office, boom. Passes with flying colors. Cant believe they’re putting politics above children’s safety. Deplorable.
  17. I don’t see why gun purchasers can’t be more inconvienced to make sure the gun is being sold to a responsible person who doesn’t have designs on shooting up a school. It won’t stop all mass shootings but it could make a dent and if it will then it’s worth it. We used to be able to drink at 18, now it’s 21. They “incrementally” addressed drinking alcohol but we can still do it. Doesn’t look like we’re headed back to prohibition anytime soon. Just have to wait 3 years to drink. Not all new laws and restrictions lead to Orwellian tyranny. People should have to wait for their gun to be ready while their background is checked aggressively and they have to take a safety course and pass a test. You know, kinda like we do with driving. Everyone who bought a gun, you can keep it. You’ll receive tax breaks if you take the courses, but no need to take a test. Just winging it so don’t lynch me.
  18. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-co-county-crime-20180315-story.html
  19. Well he did deliver the bombs himself to the FedEx facility and allow himself to be videotaped so I’m thinking he left some clues behind.
  20. So you use a John Woo double fisting method? Are there doves flying around during the shootout? no chance you get that reference.
  21. Yeah getting a Democrat governor back in office is more important that school safety. Guaranteed that if a Dem wins in November this school safety bill will be reintroduced immediately after new year and passed unanimously.
  22. http://www.newser.com/story/256746/putin-won-in-a-very-predictable-landslide.html
  23. Did they use bombs to attack minorities?
  24. Right, I was going to say this is a parental issue. But I don't know the details and based on how some of these things have turned out I hope that the parents are still alive.