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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone before the board closes. I enjoyed meeting many of you over the years. All the best to everyone.
  2. Hi, it's great to see that people remember this place. I also found this link...thanks PinkFlamingo for reminding me about google...I'm not the world's most tech savvy gal. Dr Johnny...I had forgotten about the Burger King that popped up next to the Powerhouse Natural Food store. That was so frowned upon, right next to a health food store. There is a photo on page 2 of the link, toward the end, maybe one of you will recognize the woman in the picture. She might have been the owner? If I recall, there was also a little thrift store there, either above the natural food store or in a separate house, but I remember going up a winding staircase. It moved to another location in Towson after a while. I was going to The Powerhouse in 1974 or therabout. I was around 16 then and would take the bus up York Road.
  3. I was talking to someone recently and reminiscing about the old Hutzler's store in the mid 70's. There was a little organic market behind it, but neither of us could remember its name. The little market was behind a hippie style drop in youth center at the time called Brotherhood of Man. It was like a rap center, drug free, and there was this little market behind it that had the best Powerhouse sandwiches. If anyone remembers this place, I'd surelike to hear from you.
  4. If I calculated a reunion on those unmbers, this year would be my 39th. What a horrifying thought. My high school years were a nightmare. I went to my 10th year reunion and it was nothing illuminating. Ten years is really too soon to see where people are. Everyone was still pretty much the same. I understand from my spies that those who attended the 20th, 30th, and so forth, have mellowed out. So next year will be my 40th reunion. Can't wrap my head around that number because it seems like just yesterday.
  5. Cool! Can I come over? Now that's Halloween!
  6. We don't get trick-or-treaters on this end of the road, but I wish we did because I always enjoyed putting together those little paper bags full of assorted treats. I keep Twix and 3 Musketeers on hand just in case, but we end up eating a few and then MrTG takes what's left into work after Halloween to put on the communal goodie table.
  7. Well hey there, good to see you!
  8. We had a quiet weekend here too. Wish more people would think about what Memorial Day really means.
  9. I'm still here.
  10. Thanks for the update, Hoot. Amazing little creatures! I'm amazed by their progress.
  11. So he was okay after his missed landing?
  12. That's what I thought was wrong with the smeary camera lens too. Waste. The Berry babies are perched on a tree limb near the nest. It won't be long now. Beautiful birds. What a treat to have been able to watch them be born and grow.
  13. Yes, lots of wingercise today. I saw one up on a branch and the other lifting off a few inches from the nest. It's been fascinating watching them grow.
  14. A little while ago the mother brought in what looked like a rabbit. Something brown with a fuzzy with a white tail. She was picking the fur off and then went into the flesh. Both chicks were eating and after that they seemed to pass out from their feeding frenzy. Their talons are huge. I can't believe how big their talons are.
  15. So fascinating and amazing. Was watching today the mom feeding her babies. They are growing so fast. At one point mom looked like she was lining up fish carcasses to build a sort of barrier so the babies wouldn't tumble out of the nest. They sure are moving about and look full of curiosity.