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  1. Okay, thank you. 😊
  2. Have you heard from Kemmer? Is she alright??
  3. I was just fussing with the local seagulls the other day. I told them they need to get out of here and go to the ocean as there are no fish here but fried lake trout sandwiches and French fries.... $7.99 πŸ˜€
  4. Yeah, we all have different experiences. I think they simply need some additional training. Most seem quite young which is something that happens with the retirement of the most experienced.
  5. Um, not to be a sour puss but I wouldn't believe his "partner" if you held me over a swamp of alligators with leeches and flesh eating bacteria ..... I'm just not that trusting nor naive.Plus his partner was a serious POS, even as an Officer. I used to work there and well, absolute complete whole hearted BS!!!!! Be quiet.
  6. Nooope!!! Three or more in one pay and the ENTIRE amount goes to taxes. Yay State n Fed!!!!.W00T! Everyone knew that. No secret. Oh God, oh God .... never ever EVER work more than 2 over times per pay check!!!!
  7. Yeah? Who cares? Really... who.
  8. I'm not. Maybe get better trained police? Some who have a clue. Balto. County Police are generally not likable because they don't have good people skills or experience. They don't have a clue what they're doing from my experience in dealing with them. For decades, they didn't have to. So now that it's time to step up, they don't know how. TRUTH.
  9. Where is WIZ, did he pass on ????
  10. Lol! It' Fed infrastructure monies. Deal with it the way those loooong b4 you dealt with the Monroe St , 295, closings.πŸ˜†
  11. Lol! It's Fed infrastructure monies. Deal with it the way those of us loooong b4 you dealt with the Monroe St , 295, closings.πŸ˜† I was a rookie when it started and I was a Lieutenant b4 it ended. Well over 15 yrs bud ... and it still wasn't finished .... Lollll
  12. Is it a PITA? Sure. But people shut up and use the free alternatives. MTA can either let you use the subway with bad or overgrown tracks and die ... or listen to you complain while they fix them. Grow the heck up stooopids!!!! Sheesh!!! If you are complaining, at least you are alive. Like the military, you know your soldiers are still alive if they are complaining. As I always say, "I'd rather hurt your feelings than watch you die". At least you are alive to fuss about it. 😊
  13. One year, I paid $15,000 in taxes with a partial 'shelter' because of mandatory OT ... oh HECK NO!!! And I don't mean "heck". I claim zero and those stinkers still took over $13,000.
  14. Meh, BPD has "mandatory" OT at times. Trust me, I HATED having to work OT. Everyone knows 3 OTS and ALL that went to taxes. Now require me to work 6!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!! I LOST money. Poot to that.