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  1. I don't think Bernie endorsed something like this... if anyone knows differently I'd like to know. That said, I'm not much of a proponent for something like basic income. What I feel would be more effective is making corporations pull their own weight. In other words, in no sane universe should someone be working full time, or even close to full time hours at Walmart (not picking on them in particular they are just the first one that popped in my head) and still have to apply for food stamps to put food on the table.
  2. spoken like someone who doesn't know what welfare is... contrary to what you are implying here one cannot just sit on one's arse and collect welfare... there's a WORK requirement. That's not to say that there aren't those that have figured out how to game the system, but they are the very tiny exception and NOT the rule.
  3. Actually it's another "almost" that shouldn't even have been close. And don't forget that's on top of a slew of Dem WINS that should have been R blowouts. But hey, feel free to keep your head in the sand and ignore the warning signs all you like.
  4. All I'll say is pot kettle
  5. So when do WE see the benefits of this glorious revenge? All I see is gas prices rising here in the states
  6. Raphael "Ted" Cruz is the lowest of the low... and anyone who supports this slime ball isn't much better.
  7. What an inane post... but to be expected
  8. Starbucks apparently doesn't care .... MOST of the time that is.
  9. Maybe you think that because when "white folks" so it no one really notices? Let's face it, Starbucks is THE place where people loiter almost professionally.
  10. What most folks seem to forget as well is that most of those people actually paid taxes into that system they are using but they don't make enough money to feed their families
  11. You don't think that the blatant contradiction between being a devoted Baptist and plotting to blow people up is important? Given the blatant contradiction we often see with folks who claim to be devout and yet are full of nothing but hate and violence I'd say it's a pretty important aspect of the story.
  12. Only in the minds of partisan hacks. With trump he's not a dem or a rep, he's just a horrible horrible excuse for a person. The only reason the GOP is on the hook is because he ran as one of them and they are at this point wholly embracing him an all the horribleness that comes with that.
  13. Most sane people don't need anymore reasons... he's not so much a person as he is an amalgamation of every single bad trait in people you could possibly think of.
  14. Might make sense if there was actually an invasion taking place... but there isn't. I'm amazed how many people are gullible enough to believe this garbage. Now I get that there is this whole immigrant thing about to happen and that's one thing, but under normal circumstances border crossings have been drastically dropping for years now. Hopefully this current situation comes and goes without too much trouble.