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  1. only now? would it have killed you to apologize to folks when it was warranted?
  2. I know that... I didn't want to give that reference any play though cause I've always hated it
  3. Honestly he's not even that. trump has no ideology. the ONLY thin trump believes in is trump
  4. this has absolutely nothing to do with political appointments... but since you brought that up the BIGGEST slow-down to political appointments in the trump clown-car administration is the trump administration itself. In many cases they simply aren't nominating anyone, and in many other cases they are nominating incredibly unqualified dolts over and over and THAT is delaying the process.
  5. He's not acting
  6. Wow that's your take on this? She should have hid it better?
  7. so no thoughts on the fact that this WH can't get anyone to work for it? on second thought nevermind, what passes as thoughts for you is usually quite embarrassing.
  8. Oh sweet Jesus... "you don't know"? REALLY? This is why he can get away with this crap
  9. sorry but that's not clear at all... do you ever post anything honest on here about anything? Oh, and we're still waiting for you to provide some evidence of that assertion you just made... I know that you are NEVER one to provide proof of anything, but I'm still gonna ask
  10. Yup sure is.... Nothing cleans up money like buying an estate for $41 million and then selling it to a Russian oligarch 4 years later for $90 million. That this single transaction alone hasn't been under immense scrutiny is a complete mystery to me
  11. of course it is because this is all a damned joke to you
  12. That was a clean up the mess statement after the fact and you know it... not that you trump supporters will ever admit that you're wrong about anything ever
  13. care to point us to the part of the report that says this? because from what I understand everyone knew she was using personal email but virtually no one knew she was hosting said email on her own server... so kindly link us to this assertion please... thanks.
  14. I know that these days dictionaries probably have stupid as one of the definitions way down for dumb but from what I understand they are quite different in meaning.
  15. Well right from trump's own deranged mouth it was over that Russher thing