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  1. Not surprising you enjoyed it since trump didn't actually write it
  2. For such an avid trump supporter you sure do seem gung-ho for him to do things that will sink his presidency faster than the Titanic.
  3. It's not about admitting publicly that you're doing less than a super job... it's about constantly saying publicly that you're doing the greatest job of any president of all time when the reality is so incredibly far from that.
  4. That's pretty much what I just said isn't it? She sucks at campaigning.
  5. The problem is that he did the minimum on a sentence that was just completely out of line. The judge who sentenced him was clearly looking to stick it to OJ cause he got away with the murders. I'm no fan of OJ, but there's no place for that kind of sentencing in the judicial system.
  6. I don't think it's hypocritical for him to be a champion of the VA and go to the mayo clinic. Some places are better places to go for treatment for certain things than others. Now, as to the hypocrisy between the Senate and Obamacare you'll get no argument from me
  7. Wouldn't be a bad thing. The care there is fantastic... it's the access that sucks. But being Senator McCain I doubt he'd have the same access issues as most
  8. Only 1 in 8? Who are those other 7 idiots?
  9. He's a bit war mongery for me but I have to agree that he'd be a much much much much much much much much (I could go on but I won't ) better pres than the orange man-child we have now. His main thing was Iran, but I think the deal that was put in place by the previous admin makes it much harder for anything militarily to happen with Iran.
  10. True geniuses could have gotten people off their arses.
  11. Not only was that program set to phase out, but thanks to Rubio, it pretty much disappeared all together much much sooner than expected which cause many insurers to start jumping ship
  12. While I don't use the ignore feature, I will take the advice and just not respond to it any longer. I tried.
  13. That's the problem with the current GOP. They've adopted an anything to win mentality and in the process have created some monsters -- think tea party and trump -- that they have absolutely no control over. One monster doesn't believe in government at all and the other monster has absolutely no idea how virtually anything works.
  14. Were you saying that in a mirror? Cause if not you should have been. Your rapid decline as a poster has been kind of pathetic to watch. By the way, people who post the kind of absolute nonsense that poster does aren't deserving of a better response than the one given. I should keep that in mind for you going forward. Tried to have a decent discussion and you reverted to form rather quickly. Sad!