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  1. I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree... I don't think of protest as disrespect. And if the DoD paying the NFL to put on patriotic displays isn't political I don't know what is. It was more than just displaying the flag and playing the Anthem
  2. Their work place made the environment political so that in and of itself justifies them making a political point should they so choose. And it's not just standing for the National Anthem... it's a whole display that's put on and the NFL is being paid by the DoD to do it. That's a FACT. And if you don't disagree with some things in this country then I suggest you're simply not paying attention. And if I thought that I was in a position where my refusal to stand for the Anthem or Pledge might make a difference then perhaps I would refuse to stand. But I'm in no such position and this isn't about me.
  3. They were out there, they just weren't making landfall in the US
  4. Why don't you read what Calamari originally posted... again and again if necessary until it sinks in. She never posted anything about trump being old. Her original post said trump was a dotard and you claim that "all you posted was that he was old". You're just plain wrong.
  5. OK then why don't you point them out to all of us
  6. Did Kap call Mexicans rapists and criminals? Did Kap claim that a judge who was born in Indiana to parents of Mexican heritage wasn't qualified to try his case because he was building a wall? Did Kap get sued TWICE by the government for discriminating against blacks in housing (And in case you forgot, black applications were marked with a "C" for colored and then promptly ignored)? Did Kap put out a full page add in a major newspaper calling for the death of the Central Park Five, and then refuse -- even after DNA evidence cleared the previously railroaded kids -- to admit that they were innocent? Did Kap lead the birther movement? The real idiocy here is not being able to see the stark difference
  7. You're probably not a sociopath and a narcissist like trump, that's why.
  8. Like I said... six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of stuff... it's amazing that anyone falls for it.
  9. My boss also isn't forcing me to participate in patriotic displays after having been paid by the Department of Defense to do so. Please stop with the apples to oranges comparisons. Oh, and I guess you haven't heard anything about players like Pierre Garcon personally going to Haiti to deliver medical supplies, or his foundation that brings health, education and community programs to Haiti. Or maybe you haven't heard of J.J. Watts' hurricane relief efforts. Or perhaps you haven't heard of the Drew Brees Foundation, or the Charles Tillman Foundation or the Brandon Marshall Foundation... I could go on and on and on.... Perhaps it's best you don't ASSume you know anything about these players.
  10. Good question, because the initial comment in the OP only makes sense if he thought the money was coming directly from Obama
  11. Perhaps y'all should read the link because you'd be aware of just how dishonest the title of the article is. The title makes it sounds like Obama himself is out there funding an anti-trump agenda. Instead, it puts the onus on Obama in a ridiculous six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way.
  12. I'm pretty sure that prior to 2009 that players were not required to be on the sidelines for the national anthem... and most of them weren't. Coincidentally 2009 was when the Defense Department started paying the NFL to put on patriotic displays.
  13. Perhaps not, but this is not about them it's about trump... and many of the things we all know about are absolute fact and we don't need famous accusers.
  14. Well that's the way it used to be... until the NFL forced this on the players. Like I said, they opened the door so now they have no choice but to accept what's happening
  15. When you have trump's history it's kind of impossible for that accusation not to be made. Do you not know anything about trump's history?