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  1. How exactly does dealing with the Dreamers screw Americans? I can't wait to hear whatever convoluted bull**** explanation you have ready for this one
  2. Republicans don't recognize that you can deal with US citizens AND DACA immigrants at the same time? Republicans don't recognize that the DACA folks are among THE most productive groups of people in the country?
  3. I agree that you can't blame him for the actual actions of his minions, but you can damn sure blame him for creating the environment in which those nuts take action. I mean come one.... a couple of years of being riled up with charges of fake news.... the media (especially CNN) is the enemy of the people... attending rally after rally where the media is roped off into a little pen and trump points at them and riles up the crowd telling them how horrible they are, how dishonest they are... and this is done over and over and over and over and over and over and over again..... You cannot tell me that those actions don't bear some responsibility for creating an environment of absolute hatred for the media (and especially CNN since they are the recipient of the most ire, and of violent imagery) in which some nut might feel justified in taking violent action against them.
  4. Let's be honest... Obama didn't have a chance of bi-partisan support on ANYTHING. We ALL already know that now because the GOP made clear the night of the inauguration that they were not going to support Obama on ANYTHING. Part of me thinks Obama knew that and that is why he chose to tackle healthcare first.
  5. That doesn't matter. To me the matter of who shut down the government is all about who got us here. I contend that it's the GOP. You contend it's the Dems. That's where we are and that's apparently where we'll stay. I'm ok with that
  6. I will argue your contention that the Dems shut down the government until the cows come home
  7. Bet you think that's real funny don't you?
  8. trump tied DACA to the budget when he made the deal with Chuck and Nancy.... then he promptly blew up the deal that he promised to make in exchange for the previous CR.
  9. The problem is that we weren't supposed to be doing an appropriations bill because they supposedly cut a deal last time to give them the CR in exchange for getting DACA done... trump and company promptly screwed them on that deal. How many times do they have to get screwed before they say enough is enough?
  10. I'm glad this is all so funny to you
  11. I prefer undocumented immigrant, especially for Dreamers since they themselves did nothing illegal... but you are correct. It is a legally correct term.
  12. So sad to see a once decent poster become infected with Trumpitis and be reduced to this kind of fear mongering nonsense.
  13. In my mind NO. The sins of the father and all that. I simply will not lump people who were brought here as children and know only the USA as their home in with people who sneak into the country illegally or come here on a visa and simply overstay (which is the majority of our undocumented).
  14. In no way did I state or imply that. My opinion is that this white nationalist jackwagon is playing a very important role here. He has trump's ear and can quite often be the last person trump talks to about immigration related issues... and we all know how that goes with trump