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  1. One again the orange mental patient puts on full display his desire to undo everything Obama did out of pure spite What a sad pathetic man child this thing is
  2. Jesus, the Trumpanzees constantly have Clinton on the brain
  3. It was always a matter of WHEN, not if, this pipeline would leak
  4. Seeing some of the posts on this topic I can certainly understand why many women still prefer to stay silent about it
  5. Nothing definitive in the tests. Oh, and unless anyone is advocating giving pot to babies, which they are not, then what's the point of this? There are plenty of things that adults do that babies shouldn't go anywhere near. Everyone already knows that.
  6. I"m sorry, but you should be ashamed of yourself
  7. Nice twist on a classic Seinfeld episode
  8. Think about that last sentence there for a minute. Can you spot what's wrong with statements like that? Here's a hint, the same thing has been done regarding women for centuries and that plays a HUGE role in why women have been and continue to be undervalued
  9. It's sad that everyone knows how easy it is to manipulate this moron. All you have to do is put on a show for him and sing his praises with lots of pomp and circumstance and he'll agree to whatever the hell you want. As long as your feed his narcissism he's putty in your hands.
  10. I'm almost with you. I don't think trump himself willfully colluded with Russia because, quite frankly, he's just too damn stupid. I do, however, think that members of his campaign willfully colluded with them and I do think there's evidence to support it. I think Russia was smart enough to recognize trump for the doofus and the dupe that he is and were able to convince those around him to do things they shouldn't have
  11. sorry, but this statement is just flat out false
  12. Sorry that you consider words and their actual meanings to be minor things
  13. Once again, who are you to say what affect this still has on her? And who are you to claim she's just looking for 15 mins of fame? Did that press conference seem like something anyone in their right mind would be looking forward to? Sorry, but people like you are part of the reason why women like this don't say anything about this stuff for so long.
  14. Unless you ask the Trumpanzees. To that ridiculous crowd that is not only the REAL story, but it warrants investigation by the JD. That group is just flat out insane
  15. No, I'm pointing out that you didn't say what you just said you did. In the context of this story NO link to it doesn't mean contact. This is about trump jr actually being in contact with the wikileaks organization. Jesus, how deep are you willing to dig to defend the indefensible?