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  1. Time for you homers to come to reality. Flacco is getting old and when he gets hurt it will take much longer to heal. More than anything they need to take a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Also I was right, Pitt will not loose anything after the sideline incident. The Steelers and the Rooney's make the rules so how do you expect the NFL to discipline them Especially if it means giving the Ravens one of their picks.
  2. You are wrong again Rael. Flacco was hurt with a bad hip against Pitt and they lost a couple years ago. This past playoff season he was hurt again and with no backup to speak of, the Ravens had little chance to win.
  3. Just saying...If a guy bought a million shares of a stock at 60 cents a share. Do the math. He had to already have been a millionaire. It doesn't compute with what you say. In any case I would say a guy with an extra thou or two to invest could do very well with any of these stocks. To pick the right one is the mystery. One of these stocks will make someone some big money as this area is still virgin to many. With more states granting legalization, this could be the next intc, msft, tsla, goog or whatever. One could get very rich in a year or two. So let's see if you buy MJ for .28 cents to 30 cents a share and buy 50,000 shares that comes to $15 grand invested. If it goes to $40 in a year or two, it will probably split 3 for 1 and re grow to $40/ now you have 150,000 at $40 and you are rich in two to three years. Dream baby dream and get rich.or it could all go up in smoke
  4. Funny I just posted a stock worth looking at. Live is a keeper and now today has entered the NYC market...look out. Also how is our nay sayers feeling about FB now? I love it when all the people who know nothing about making money put down someone who just wanted to help them make some money.
  5. Hey Joe move over, now everyone wants a piece of Peyton.
  6. FB may hit $100 before it's anniversary date. It looks like some of you may have egg on your face.
  7. I would let MJNA ride for a long time. Like other stocks siri is one that comes to mind. One could make a lot of money on a small wager. So what you get to watch a stock, in sports it's over in a few hours. I have bought this at 9 cents and today when I checked it was .32. So even if it goes back to 9 cents I won't sell. I'm waiting to see it go to $4. Let me see I bought $500 at 9 cents....you figure it out. Go Go Go
  8. It is now a fact. Without Boldin, Flacco is nothing.
  9. Today it was NE as my hometeam is ready to go to the playoffs.lol
  10. He was sooooooooooo bad he played your team right out of the playoffs. 120 million for this lolololololololololololololololrolol
  11. Yes Flacco was that bad along with Rice. If you think the Ravens are going anywhere this year. I have property in Antarctica for sale
  12. Why must anyone be a fan, is this not a forum where one says his opinion. If the truth hurts maybe these fans can't see the real issues and only want to live in a perfect world.
  13. I really meant what I said. These guys are bad and Rice, what a waste of what he once was
  14. Joe was really bad vs the Packers as he has been the past 3 games. I will give him one thing. He can take a beating. That center and RT you all have are atrocious.
  15. No excuses needed Flacco was terrible today. Now that is Nuff said. How do you throw an int when all you need to do is get in fg range to tie the game. If Flacco does this the Ravens win but seriously why try to force it in?