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  1. You guys never fail. Before the season you all were raving about how the O's were going to win it all this year and now after 3 games you are ready to call them terrible. Man I'm glad you are not real fans. A real fan backs their team always. When they start winning , you guys will all deny you gave up and probably delete what you wrote. Wanna Be fans.lol
  2. Time for you homers to come to reality. Flacco is getting old and when he gets hurt it will take much longer to heal. More than anything they need to take a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Also I was right, Pitt will not loose anything after the sideline incident. The Steelers and the Rooney's make the rules so how do you expect the NFL to discipline them Especially if it means giving the Ravens one of their picks.
  3. You are wrong again Rael. Flacco was hurt with a bad hip against Pitt and they lost a couple years ago. This past playoff season he was hurt again and with no backup to speak of, the Ravens had little chance to win.
  4. One thing you have missed Ken is the fact he was drafted to play LT not RT. He received money to play LT as that position receives way more money than a RT would. Did he give any of it back when he went to the right side. I think not. Was he a bust , yes as far as playing the position he was drafted for. He even had a movie Blind Side. Now that tells you something and now he is back to playing in the state where it all began. Good for him.
  5. O's by 12 and will play the Reds in the WS. You heard it first from me.
  6. Come to Fort Pierce Florida in September and watch Don Bosco play Fort Pierce Central. Bosco is coming off a mediocre year at 7-4 but Fort Pierce Central will still be a test even after losing several seniors to D1 colleges. This will be one for the books and watch 6000 people to maybe 8000 in the stands cheer on. You want to see good HS football. Come to Fl in Sept.
  7. Blah blah blah. Do you people read what you write? Last year was a nothing year for him as he was hurt for much of it. The year before he actually did nothing until the last couple weeks than he was hurt on and off much of the time. The year before that he was a nothing. So your GM gives him a great package but really, will he be around the full year? I would think the Ravens would spend as much as they could on OL and get some established great OL at that. The offense only needs this to be a great offense. The defense is where the Ravens need to get better at. They need the middle badly. Nghata is overpaid for a one or two down guy and only plays about 18 to 24 downs a game. Sign or better yet trade for some top draft choices. Go after the best MLB. Best Safety and best DE they can get. The corners on the Ravens could be the best in the league but another good cover corner could be a blessing. Time to rebuild the defense. As we saw in the SB, a great defense will beat a great offense.
  8. Seriously if Reinold is healthy the O's do have a solid team. Now if their pitching holds up they could win it by 12 games.
  9. So he choose the O's....lol.lmao.rolmao
  10. Dump Nghata if he doesn't renegotiate. His cap hit will be tough but is he worth all this money for playing 1/3 of the game and season. By the time the end of the year comes he is hurt anyhow. Sign Jones....
  11. If a player smokes in Washington or Denver is that still a no no
  12. Sad but UA does not help the schools in their own neighborhood. I guess they just don't have as much prestige as CHC.
  13. If they are going to Under Armour why not play Northeast or Glen Burnie than. These schools are located just a couple miles away. Maybe play them at the same time. I'm sure they will bring 60 players so manpower will not be a problem.
  14. Just saying...If a guy bought a million shares of a stock at 60 cents a share. Do the math. He had to already have been a millionaire. It doesn't compute with what you say. In any case I would say a guy with an extra thou or two to invest could do very well with any of these stocks. To pick the right one is the mystery. One of these stocks will make someone some big money as this area is still virgin to many. With more states granting legalization, this could be the next intc, msft, tsla, goog or whatever. One could get very rich in a year or two. So let's see if you buy MJ for .28 cents to 30 cents a share and buy 50,000 shares that comes to $15 grand invested. If it goes to $40 in a year or two, it will probably split 3 for 1 and re grow to $40/ now you have 150,000 at $40 and you are rich in two to three years. Dream baby dream and get rich.or it could all go up in smoke
  15. Funny I just posted a stock worth looking at. Live is a keeper and now today has entered the NYC market...look out. Also how is our nay sayers feeling about FB now? I love it when all the people who know nothing about making money put down someone who just wanted to help them make some money.