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  1. Any chance we could run out of bad drivers ?
  2. Here's hoping they will do you some good, you deserve some relief from your pain. Hoping for the best, good luck.
  3. Maybe these are the very people (uneducated whites) they keep talking about. Now we know.
  4. I live close to Morgan and every year there's a couple of stabbings.
  5. Maybe the new thing is the punk getting shot
  6. A bit of good news. Now some people will start their complaining.
  7. I don't begrudge them either BUT where does it end.
  8. She was a liked poster and had good things to say.
  9. Oh what a great eight years we just lived thru.
  10. Little news about the father.
  11. My PapPap told me stories about the Indians when I was a little guy, many many years ago.
  12. Not so much as your posts. Talk about stink
  13. That lady must be a nut case you don't take a one month new born to any kind of outside event. Charge her with child abuse.
  14. That's the way I look at it.