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  1. Is Dunbar playing IMG in Florida?
  2. But on a serious note sfa has what like over 20 transfers? See a lineman from springbrook saying he going there now. How will they play all these kids, and only like 3 there from day one will seem to get any playing time.
  3. True GA, but the qb just got offered by Alabama, he is a stud.
  4. You know Jamal had a good year at ST Johns last season. The public school sr lineman that transfered in from Baltimore Douglass last season played well at sfa, so if u can play it doesn't matter if it's public or private. All miaa d-lineman are not 6-4 265, several smaller kids.
  5. Haha
  6. Yes he is listed as 2019
  7. I agree with GA, I'm still an Ellis fan but they need to have packages with the other qb in the game in Ellis in the slot or lineup up at tailback. Also ga check your inbox
  8. Compete what's that, kids know nothing about that lol
  9. I want to know who left, transferred out because several of the hold overs won't see the field with all the kids coming in
  10. 18 year old 10th grader wtf
  11. I don't understand how though with all the so called D1 talent every year. Is it the coaching?
  12. GA I agree one paper most talented roster every in this state.
  13. Smith also who is one of their best
  14. So sfa will not need any kids to play both sides of the ball?
  15. Lmao at Guru