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  1. The wvu coach son has been added to sfa hudl roster.
  2. The current qb was ok throwing the ball in 7 on 7, several times his instincts took over and he was about to run with the ball lol. But I can tell he will rush for a whole lot of yards.
  3. I see sfa first game against Imhotep is off, they need a first week opponent
  4. I think he will see time at db
  5. Oh ok, but good luck to them all
  6. Was this situation a thing where a parent thought they had enough pull among the parents and kids, to get other kids to leave with theirs but it ain't happen?
  7. He back
  8. Yeah the beat all the Maryland teams this year so that's 8 wins, don't know about the out of state teams. Mervo brings back their best 3 offensive weapons
  9. He is on franklin roster
  10. Did he reclass? But he will never get to run the ball if he did with the three backs there
  11. Right they should be the favorites to win the city again
  12. Down Dunbar at 5pm today 7 on 7,
  13. And Mervo is ranked to low
  14. Spalding third?
  15. I thought Hamilton won the 7&8 grade titles last year. If u go to their page it shows kids in shirts of the schools they going to. Majority are going private