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  1. Damn lmao
  2. Sandora and his former OC Duncan should have stayed together like at Dundalk. Also who is the new coach?
  3. Is the wr from Mervo transferring to SFA again?
  4. Lmao
  5. So u telling me the high school networks will be better then the college networks bonds they will make?, no way lol. Join a fraternity, and college football brotherhood will trump high school. Most will never really come back to the area, until they visit family. Academics is good enough that’s why they are accepted into the college. Point is the kids will be playing at the next level, who cares about the high school
  6. It should be to get to the next level, like city no longer a top football school but they sending 8 to play at the next level.
  7. It worked out for the kids that left and went to Mm, majority will be playing college ball next year. State runner up and a football scholarship does not seem like a bad move.
  8. I thought Sfa and Dunbar were the only local schools that are not members of BTC. That’s why he never see their kids on the list.
  9. Exactly b-ball
  10. I guess u caught that to lol
  11. Congrats
  12. Wow, Coach John was a good guy
  13. This childish back and forth banter from everyone is killing the board. Can we get back to talking about the sports, public and private.
  14. Haha
  15. Mike Hamilton who coached the last two games of the season