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  1. This childish back and forth banter from everyone is killing the board. Can we get back to talking about the sports, public and private.
  2. Haha
  3. Mike Hamilton who coached the last two games of the season
  4. Hahaha^^ right
  5. Yes he is at Towson, that’s one kid but Morgan and Towson should have the Baltimore metro area on lock but they skip the public’s. I bet shepherd could beat Morgan with all the md kids on their roster lol
  6. Thing is Morgan, Towson and Maryland sucks. The couple times they have been good since 2000, they were lead by local talent. Just be honest with ourselves these schools don’t think the local talent is good and will keep getting out of state second rate kids and their heads beat in.
  7. Right
  8. Duncan made all met
  9. That surprised me
  10. Other schools not leaving, they bring in recruits to lol, but not the number as sfa, but they recruit hard also.
  11. True I just don’t understand how the three big schools from here seem to just ignore Baltimore metro area smh
  12. At Scout that crazy, but never understood how Morgan and Towson are not stacked with Baltimore area kids
  13. Dunbar talent comes from all over Baltimore not just East Baltimore lmao.
  14. No back to back. I talked to several parents at the BTC game that said their kids where not playing in the crab bowl because they ain’t want to risk injury. BTC game got pushed back a week because of the weather. But also kids had to pay for the BTC and crab bowl was free but crab bowl summer camps you have to pay. Kids did receive some great stuff from BTC
  15. BTC crowd shocked me, my brother and I pulled up and had to park in the front then do the long walk.