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  1. Have no clue, but Dunbar would have still beat us
  2. Td,city and Mervo both are power run teams, with some of the best rb’s in the city. I have to give Dunbar credit they shut both of them down. Yes it’s better to catch Dunbar early because once they get rolling we see what can happen. With everything the lost from last year, I have to give the staff and players props.
  3. 6 points allowed against Mervo and city in back to back weeks impressive and both revenge games.
  4. Ok he was 52
  5. Did booker play?
  6. I have to give Dunbar props they reloaded. No way I thought they would beat Mervo wow.
  7. C’mon Mervo lol. I guess the king is back. Shocking
  8. Cool
  9. How y’all score?
  10. Digital 25 Patterson 14
  11. They play tomorrow
  12. Ga lmao but I like the kid game that’s been playing fullback beard
  13. A dominate win should make them feel better but then next week we have ews who throws the ball like Dunbar lol