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  1. Yup just saw the vid on that mamba smh at the refs
  2. Everyone laughed at my Oxon Hill pick to win 3A, two wins away
  3. Yes gilman has won their last two games against two teams that did not have good years but before that they had 120 points put up on them lol. The MIAA besides SFA was average this year and biff will try to embarrass gilman. So it’s plenty of teams in the area that has played better football then gilman the last few weeks. If they pull the upset it’s another story.
  4. Dw got it right
  5. Yeah they used the ex Dunbar wr and played Lewis at Dunbar with him wtf
  6. The wr that left Dunbar for the private school in va, was playing for overlea, I️ wonder if they talking about him
  7. Bigger and better every year, might be the number 1 party in Baltimore lol
  8. Anyway my point was how the games are mostly always entertaining and usually the outcome is decided in the final seconds. Classic city vs poly game.
  9. Lmao right
  10. 6,000 or more. City side is always packed, Poly not so much. Most of the folks are at the tailgate
  11. Below is the highlights from the game and some tailgate footage. But never leave a city vs poly game until the clock shows 0:00. The wr from poly is big time and the de from city saved the day for the knights and was named mvp
  12. City poly was great, told every one about the poly wr, and about city de in the summer. Sucks our first game ain’t count and we miss the playoffs
  13. Douglass and Woodlawn losing knocked city out?
  14. Thanks
  15. But the sun posted in their article, city and poly are both eliminated from the playoffs. Must don’t know City still has a chance.