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  1. Let me know which one u guys going to join
  2. Good stuff Rob!!!
  3. It’s bad to say it but u take summer school away and some of these schools would only field 20 players lol. City and poly kids be in summer school to make also.
  4. GA exactly, they acting like these teenagers do not deserve a second chance. But what is the miaa eligibility rule when it comes to gpa or failing classes?
  5. U right it won’t lol
  6. Well the schools did good this year, more black males graduated and are going to college then years past.
  7. City or poly wouldn’t but the kid would get a chance at any of the other city public schools and would be able to use summer school to get caught up. What’s the issue? Are kids able to play there with a failing gpa? If so I agree that is horrible
  8. Well kids get kicked out of one school they can’t handle and go to summer school to make the work up. So if that happens they should be allowed to play at their new school. So are u telling me sfa won’t have a certain grade point average for kids to be eligible to play?
  9. Well it does happen often, kids still have to go to school somewhere
  10. Exactly
  11. Mervo Kids just got two fcs offers, if one got wvu which is fbs great.
  12. SFA

    All the of kids who came transferred were not highly recruited until they got to sfa. One example the db from ews. I saw him get torched against Douglass and city his junior year. Goes to sfa and to me was one of the top 3 defensive players on the team and earned a fcs scholarship. Like gooch said some of these kids transfer and do not play.
  13. Lmao mamba
  14. Why can’t the schools just vote to remove the commissioner, appoint a new one, a rules board, and enforce the rules going forward.
  15. SFA

    Just don’t they will screw over the kids, think they will allow them next year to go national and they will still probably play the 3 miaa teams who wants to play them.