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  1. His flaws notwithstanding, I think Christie would have been a better president that anyone else in the Republican political hierarchy.
  2. Maybe the North Korean military can do likewise to its own brutal and deranged dictator.
  3. Hogan has shown that being a centrist is still politically viable. Unless he does something that convinces me otherwise, he has my vote next year.
  4. Even acknowledging that it's widespread silly-season on anything that could possibly be deemed offensive to the hyper-sensitive... this move is glaringly stupid and self-defeating. "Crying wolf" about racism - when no rational person would see it - destroys their credibility is dealing with actual racism.
  5. I hope she will have sufficient self-respect to resign her position.
  6. More details in this story.
  7. As I understand it, that was a separate social media post, showing a former Boy's Latin student at a College of Charleston Halloween party in South Carolina. The Gilman and RPCS students were at a Baltimore party, with no message on their costumes.
  8. Meanwhile, a couple of North Baltimore prep schools are going nuts with institutional white-guilt (and black demonstrators) because two high school students wore supposedly-racist orange jumpsuits to a Halloween party. (Link.) Who knew that only black prisoners wear orange jumpsuits?
  9. Springlake is in the Homeland neighborhood (not "Homewood"). So much for upper-middle-class neighborhoods in the city that had been presumed to be safe from this sort of violence.
  10. Is there a National Park in Berkley or Oakland?
  11. I'm a centrist. Somewhat left-of-center on most social issues, but somewhat right-of-center ("deficit hawk") on fiscal policy. I'd vote for a candidate, or join a political party, that reflected a centrist viewpoint. Currently, the Dems seem to be as close as we get among political parties (though Maryland's Republican Governor Hogan comes surprisingly close).
  12. Maybe it's time to drain the swamp in which our president seems to be avariciously wallowing.
  13. The quote from the teacher, per the OP link, was: “I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. [White Women] come next. And, if I have to, white men.” Not sure that "if I have to" correlates with this student's assertion.
  14. It's getting well beyond "silly season" and straight into the realm of the absurd. Here's a thought. Washington DC has the double-wammy offense of being named in honor of a slaveholder and of the unspeakably-evil Christopher Columbus.