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  1. I don't doubt it. Few people - other than Trump and his hard-core - want to see these players fired. But there is no "constitutional right" to engage in a political protest in a private sector workplace.
  2. Did you read my link? "In one poll, which was conducted by Reuters, 72 percent of Americans said that they thought Kaepernick's behavior was unpatriotic. Another 61 percent said that they do not support the stance Colin Kaepernick is taking and his decision not to stand during the national anthem."
  3. I think the more time that goes by, the less likely that Mueller gets fired. Trump was reportedly very hot to do it a while back, and was talked down.
  4. While I find Trump's exaggerated bombast to be ridiculous (as usual), it's also true that a substantial majority of Americans find the players' political protests at NFL games to be offensive. (Link.)
  5. I'm in agreement with two of her three suggestions: impeach Trump, and form a new far-right political party. "Death squads"? Uh, no.
  6. I wrote that back in April. "The other shoe" took a while to drop.
  7. “Nambia doesn’t exist and already has better healthcare than we’re about to get from Republicans.”
  8. Is Trump truly as clueless about government and foreign policy as he seems to be? His only real skill seems to be an ability to excite rallies of uneducated people who have grievances against "the establishment".
  9. My statement was: Perhaps because many American Muslims are black, and have zero interest in being "accepted as white".
  10. Perhaps because many American Muslims are black, and have zero interest in being "accepted as white".
  11. I was going to make the same comment. Also the show's mention that Ho Chi Minh was something of an elder-statesman/figurehead by the early 1960s. The guy with real authority in North Vietnam wasn't a familiar name, and I don't recall it.
  12. It's good that these two groups could come together for a few minutes of non-violent exchange of viewpoints. They actually have more in common than many might think... both groups feel victimized by this country's "elites", and both feel antipathy toward the political mainstream.
  13. She was born in Russia, and Russians have (or at least had) a significant racial prejudice against Sub-Saharan Africans who lived in USSR/Russia. The Chinese and Japanese cultures very definitely identify difference along racial lines, terming Europeans and European-Americans as "barbarians". In India, there's so much of a hang-up about race and color that the Hindu population is divided into (reportedly) 3,000 castes. I think a lot of countries are hung up on differences of race and color, like we are.
  14. So you're saying that Nigerians are colorblind? The whites and Asians living in Nigeria aren't characterized in ordinary conversation on the basis of race or color?
  15. Maybe there's a different term in Nigeria for those with primarily-African DNA. I wonder how "black" Nigerians describe white Nigerians and Asian Nigerians.