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  1. Anti-gay like his mentor Scalia, but not as intelligent or honest. Link
  2. So you want the National Mall to be a flea market? I would prefer to see fewer vendors in that area, rather than (vastly) more.
  3. I wonder how long a Satanic Church monument would last.
  4. Some people can't manage to keep the discourse civil unfortunately.
  5. I said in my first post on this thread that the police should have just told them to move it off the Mall.
  6. You must be looking at a different link from the the Newsweek article linked in the OP. And I have no problem with police officers "harassing" criminals... of any color or race.
  7. Thanks. I didn't see a picture or description in the linked story.
  8. Maybe. Were they dressed like (and/or acting like) young thugs?
  9. Congrats on your plus-20-million rep!
  10. Agreed. Although, as I wrote above, there may be different circumstances. A first-time violator should be treated differently from a seller who has been chased off multiple times.
  11. I see "community reputation" numbers for everyone who posts here, and I have no idea how those scores are generated. I have a ridiculously bad "reputation" (minus 63,771!), which is fascinating in itself. Maybe centrists like me get trashed by folks on both the left and right of the political spectrum. (Or maybe I'm more obnoxious than I thought!) So where do these numbers come from?
  12. The police should have told them to stop it, and let it go at that. But if they had already chased them off on previous occasions, they needed to take it to the next step, similar to what they did... releasing them to the custody of a parent, without charges. For those folks who think it's just fine for teenagers to sell bottled drinks on the National Mall without a license, where would you draw the line? Selling hot dogs? Tee-shirts? Knock-off "designer" purses? Sellers in their 20s? 30s? 40s?
  13. Nice, but not what I had in mind. Designed for kids who are "at-risk", rather than "super-smart". Admission is by lottery, rather than demonstrated intellectual merit. I was thinking more along the lines of North Carolina's School of Science and Math. This country needs to better serve high-achievers in math and science, who are often bullied and/or bored in regular schools.
  14. The suggestion of a statewide "governor's school" is a good one. They should make it Math/Science focused. But I would imagine that at least half the students would be boarders, so having it Baltimore City might not be the best environment. (I have no idea why the Baltimore County Superintendent wouldn't want such a high-status school in his county.)