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  1. I honestly have trouble processing the fact that seemingly-intelligent and seemingly-sensible adults could admire a person who is as creepy and toxically egomaniacal as Trump. I guess the best that can be said about such people is that they are only pretending to admire Trump out of fear, and are therefore cowards rather than fools.
  2. Still a punk move, totally lacking in basic civility.
  3. Bravo, Mr. Schmidt! Anyone see the HBO movie about Sarah Palin during the 2008 election, "Game Change"? Woody Harrelson played the role of Schmidt.
  4. Have you seen how much $$$$ is being spent on the detention of the kids? I would hope the workers are getting more than minimum wage. Link.
  5. I disagree strenuously with Nielsen on this issue, and she might very well be a horrible person... but sending protesters into a restaurant to harass her while she ate was a stupid punk move. "Democratic Socialists of America". Is that Bernie's party?
  6. It was (obviously) political gold for Democrats.
  7. They would certainly have given primary coverage to a new major story, but I don't think the coverage would have stopped. Hurricanes and shootings are only the lead story for a few days. The media would have quickly returned to the kids-in-cages stories, which was going to be ongoing.
  8. It sure wasn't showing any signs of being forgotten. Republicans in Congress were increasingly criticizing the policy... evangelical Christians... citizens from all across the political spectrum. It was political poison for Trump, and was getting worse.
  9. Link. I wonder who among his people convinced him it was necessary to surrender on this issue.
  10. Hogan has excellent political instincts.
  11. How about the donut shop employees refrain from shouting in any language?
  12. Thanks! I often felt like I was in opposition to folks here on the left and those on the right, because of my basically-centrist position on a number of issues.
  13. Sad to see it go. I've been a member since 2001.
  14. Voted this morning around 10:45 at the Towson University polling place. Zero line; walked right to the check-in table. Lots of election judges on hand. It's good to see Maryland is using paper ballots that can be recounted by hand. Try to hack that, Putin!
  15. Three good things: - Salvaging prime old wood. - Tearing down derelict houses. (my son and his family have a condemned city-owned house on his block... grrrrr.) - Letting conscientious former criminals acquire an employment track record, which could lead to a private-sector job. I can't think of a down-side.