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  1. I know the lyrics. "Da dum dada, da dum dada, Maryland My Maryland".
  2. So the bill gives the lyrics an official designation - as the only statutorily recognized "historic state song". Seems like a weak effort if the intent was to de-certify the offensive lyrics.
  3. What could possibly go wrong with internet voting?
  4. Sounds like there's an automatic recount, based on the close vote. There are paper ballots - absentee and provisional - that can be re-counted by hand, but the machine votes will just be a re-tabulation of the totals from all the machines. I think that ALL voters should vote by paper ballot that's then fed into a tabulation machine (which kicks out ballots with irregularities, such as voting for both candidates, so the voter can immediately correct it), but can also be re-counted by hand.
  5. Considering how often Trump has changed his policy beliefs over the years (on abortion, the deficit, foreign policy, gun control, etc.) it would be easy to say that just about anyone was running as a "Trump Democrat/Republican/Whatever". I think Lamb is an ideal candidate... centrist, charismatic, willing to compromise in order to move important legislation. I don't care whether he's a Republican or Democrat; just that he's a sensible centrist.
  6. I'm too old, and too white, to have ever heard of this individual. Condolences to his family.
  7. The woman sounds like a nut job. But her message is one that millions of Americans have been shouting (or at least mumbling) at their tv sets throughout the NFL season.
  8. I'm pretty sure that it was inferior white people who blew the trial.
  9. The Cold War was real. The Soviet Union had a massive spying (etc) network, and it would have been foolish for America to hide it's head in the sand and retreat back to the isolationism of the 20s and 30s. Did they go too far in adopting the KGB's tactics? Clearly! But we still need an intelligence agency that plays a little loose in secret operations.
  10. Aren't all white people supposed to feel guilty about everything bad, everywhere in the world?
  11. It's good to see teenagers actually caring about public policy, but how many "walk-outs" are they going to hold? I was in high school when the Vietnam War protests were starting up. I would have gladly "walked out" of school without disciplinary consequences to join a protest against the war... but I only participated on weekends.
  12. I've been a fan of National Geographic since about the third grade... when I wasn't particularly interested in bare-breasted Polynesians. I continued reading it as a teen, and not (just) because of bare breasts. I learned about cultures in every part of the world, and if it was "told from an elite, white American point of view" (according to the OP) that was right in by upper-middle-class white American wheelhouse. I've never stopped subscribing to it as an adult, because it's always intelligent and interesting.
  13. I was about to post this: "Does anyone in America actually believe he didn't do it?" I guess I have a quick answer.
  14. First female head of the CIA? The Brits had us beat by quite a few years, with Judi Dench in charge of MI-6.