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  1. Three good things: - Salvaging prime old wood. - Tearing down derelict houses. (my son and his family have a condemned city-owned house on his block... grrrrr.) - Letting conscientious former criminals acquire an employment track record, which could lead to a private-sector job. I can't think of a down-side.
  2. Who would ever have imagined that a President of the United States would trash our closest ally and biggest trading partner (Canada, with which we have a balance-of-trade surplus), while heaping praise on the most despotic dictator on the planet?
  3. Yet another case of The Onion being no match for Trump's own unintentional self-parody.
  4. I'm old. I'm white. I'm a man. I'm definitely grumpy about Donald Trump being our president. But I sure don't run the country!
  5. I noticed that the Sun endorsed Redmer and Olszewski for Baltimore County Executive today.
  6. I've hoped, for some time, that we could pull our troops out of Korea... and lots of other places around the world. But it would need to be predicated on North Korea backing away from its typical hyper-belligerency and its preparations to invade South Korea.
  7. Wouldn't be much of an election if there was only one member of the party!
  8. I'm a Democrat, but not a slave to voting the party-ticket in the general. If the Democrats nominated a candidate who I think is as good or better than Hogan, I'd vote for him or her. (I don't currently see such a candidate among the Democrats.)
  9. Me too. Nominating the farthest-left candidate, rather than the most electable, seems like an admission of impending defeat.
  10. I do that too, but in the primary there tend to be lots of candidates who come off sounding the same. I always like to read the Sun's endorsements as part of my research on the local offices. Not that I always vote that way.
  11. No; we deserve the best candidate... not (necessarily) the one who is farthest politically from the other party's candidate.
  12. Early voting starts tomorrow, and there are some offices for which all of the candidates are unknown to me. (We moved recently.) I always vote early these days. Usually no line!
  13. So the endorsement is based on him being the farthest-left of the candidates? If we had a liberal Democrat as the incumbent, would the Sun endorse the farthest-right of the Republicans?