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  1. I watched his little speech for a few minutes today. Did Trump ever say which of the "Democrat" parts of the bill he opposes? Or did he just speak in generalities about concessions that were made to get Democratic votes?
  2. Bolton loved the disastrous American invasion and occupation of Iraq. He'll go absolutely orgasmic orchestrating a war with Iran. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” - Winston Churchill
  3. Any guesses about where and when we start the next disastrously counter-productive war?
  4. Link. As a centrist Democrat, I appreciate that the mainstream of my party is still in a "big tent" mode. Even though I disagree with this congressman on abortion and LGBT-rights issues, he at least contributes to the pending (I hope) Democratic majority in the House after the election this fall. And his Republican opponent? "His only Republican challenger, Arthur Jones, is a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier who has been disavowed by the GOP."
  5. The conservative Heritage Foundation proposed the individual mandate in 1993, and other aspects of the ACA, as a national policy. Link.
  6. Interesting, then, that the district has elected the conservative Democrat since (at least) 2005.
  7. You may recall that Obama's ACA was a centrist take on what had been a conservative idea.
  8. It's apparently a conservative-leaning district. A lot of Democrats thought that the odious Donald Trump's nomination guaranteed a Democratic victory in 2016. I could see a crazy far-right-wing Republican defeating a Bernie Sanders clone in a conservative majority-Dem district. I want to see Trump impeached, and positioning mainstream Democrats as a big-tent party makes that more likely.
  9. How about the state laws that require abortion providers to provide information that may be medically dubious or outright false? Link.
  10. If he's been framed, then there must be smoking-gun evidence against him... fraudulent if it's a frame-up... but impeachable-offense grounds if true. So what's this alleged frame-up consist of?
  11. I can see why "tom-boy" girls would rather be in the Cub Scouts rather than the Brownies. When I was a young kid, there was a girl in the neighborhood who always hung out with us guys, was into guy-stuff, and was as good or better at sports. (There are probably effeminate boys who would prefer to be Brownies.)
  12. I just looked up the website, and you're right. Looks like a Scottish Hooter's. Haussner's servers were all no-nonsense 60+ year-old ladies from East Baltimore. I remember eating there one time and decided to order terrapin. The waitress asked if I'd ever had it before (I hadn't), and she instructed me, in no uncertain terms, to order something else.
  13. If the restaurant had a loyal following, I would think they'd give notice of closing, but stay open for a couple more weeks so the regulars could come in once more. I remember when Haussner's (sp?) announced that they'd be closing, they did a booming business for several weeks up until the closing date. (I've never heard of the Tilted Kilt, by the way, so comparisons to Haussner's are probably way off-base.)
  14. Les used to have a White House press pass, and he showed up at press conferences to aim off-the-wall questions at the press secretary. I gather he no longer has White House credentials.
  15. I know the lyrics. "Da dum dada, da dum dada, Maryland My Maryland".
  16. So the bill gives the lyrics an official designation - as the only statutorily recognized "historic state song". Seems like a weak effort if the intent was to de-certify the offensive lyrics.
  17. What could possibly go wrong with internet voting?
  18. Sounds like there's an automatic recount, based on the close vote. There are paper ballots - absentee and provisional - that can be re-counted by hand, but the machine votes will just be a re-tabulation of the totals from all the machines. I think that ALL voters should vote by paper ballot that's then fed into a tabulation machine (which kicks out ballots with irregularities, such as voting for both candidates, so the voter can immediately correct it), but can also be re-counted by hand.
  19. Considering how often Trump has changed his policy beliefs over the years (on abortion, the deficit, foreign policy, gun control, etc.) it would be easy to say that just about anyone was running as a "Trump Democrat/Republican/Whatever". I think Lamb is an ideal candidate... centrist, charismatic, willing to compromise in order to move important legislation. I don't care whether he's a Republican or Democrat; just that he's a sensible centrist.
  20. I'm too old, and too white, to have ever heard of this individual. Condolences to his family.
  21. The woman sounds like a nut job. But her message is one that millions of Americans have been shouting (or at least mumbling) at their tv sets throughout the NFL season.
  22. I'm pretty sure that it was inferior white people who blew the trial.
  23. The Cold War was real. The Soviet Union had a massive spying (etc) network, and it would have been foolish for America to hide it's head in the sand and retreat back to the isolationism of the 20s and 30s. Did they go too far in adopting the KGB's tactics? Clearly! But we still need an intelligence agency that plays a little loose in secret operations.
  24. Aren't all white people supposed to feel guilty about everything bad, everywhere in the world?