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Found 2 results

  1. A young woman named Nia Payne viewed the recent eclipse through glasses that, sadly, were not sufficient to protect her eyes. Using adaptive optics, doctors were able to clearly see the crescent shaped damage the sun's ultraviolet rays caused to her retina. She will have to live with that for the time being - but the technique, which for the first time allowed doctors to view damage at the cellular level in vivo, holds promise. In order to correct a problem, doctors must generally first visualize it, so this is an important first step. Article
  2. Super Blood Moon to Make Last Appearance Until 2033 It's called "super" because the moon is at perigee (closest to earth). The next lunar eclipse at perigee won't occur again until 2033. The light reaching the moon's surface during the eclipse is light refracted by the earth's atmosphere around the earth's disk (as seen from the moon). The longer wavelength red light from the sun is refracted more in passing through the earth's atmosphere than the bluer, shorter wavelengths, and thus the red light is concentrated toward the center of the earth's umbra (shadow). For an animation of the eclipse, see Eclipse in Baltimore, MD The animation can be run for other cities as well.