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Found 2 results

  1. Jim Comey was out of bounds in his public comments on the Hillary Clinton email investigation ABC News:
  2. While I am not in any way a Clinton supporter, sympathizer, or apologist, may I respectfully suggest - as someone who knows that Hillary Clinton brought this all upon herself by attempting to have a secret email server to avoid being subject to the Freedom of Information Act and being held accountable to the People - that you listen to or watch the entire testimony before House Oversight Committee hearings today before you pass judgment based upon the accounts - the carefully picked and edited accounts based upon where the person doing the picking and editing lays on the ideological and political spectrum - you are sure to hear and see for months to come? I don't appreciate or support when those who I ideologically and politically oppose cherry pick facts and comments made by people and use them to advance their cause or misrepresent in a most dishonest manner people they oppose. I don't appreciate or support when those whom I ideologically and politically agree also engage in the same unfair behavior. I did listen to nearly the entire hearing. My takeaway is that while Hillary Clinton did absolutely violate her responsibility to safeguard classified information and that she and her staff absolutely should have known better than to engage in the whole litany and pattern of behavior in which they engaged, there was simply was not enough there IN TOTALITY to make a CLEAR case to a Grand Jury - more or less and jury in a criminal prosecution - that what she did was anything other than careless and frankly, stupid, but based on the evidence and case law precedent, a reasonable prosecutor would not be able to able to expect a reasonable enough chance of obtaining a conviction, and therefore would be foolish to proceed in such a manner. As such, the FBI has done the right thing in this case. Their reputation and integrity should not be called into question over this matter. Again, if you listen to or watch the entire hearing, you will hear or see Director Comey specifically state that he looked for any wat he could to find a way to prosecute Hillary Clinton for what she had done, but he simply could not find a way to justify doing so. In no means does this indicate that in any possible way that Hillary Clinton has been cleared of any wrongdoing. To the contrary, she has behaved in a foolish, careless manner. It does not mean that she is getting a "free pass." In taking account the actions that she did, along with her staff - who are a direct reflection of her - her judgment has seriously called into question to the point that she is forever damaged. It also clearly illustrates the lengths she will go and the risks she will take to avoid transparency and accountability to the American People, with blatant disregard to the public trust and national security. This entire fiasco is nothing short of a reminder of her behavior which belies what must be her personal belief that she is above the law and better than the "average" American. The question remains: "Will it matter to the American voter come November 8, 2016?" For this American voter, "Yes, it will!" and a hope and pray that it matters to enough voters that she is not elected and forever leaves public "service" once and for all.