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Found 2 results

  1. Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney (aka Toht) has dialed down the agency's probe of Equifax, the worst financial services company of 2017 (and with Wells-Fargo illegally repossessing soldiers' cars on top of its other misdeeds, that's saying something). An agency spokesman says they have the tools to conduct this examination, but Mulvaney appears to lack the will to do so. State attorneys general are also investigating, and hopefully the crushing weight of several hundred class action lawsuits will accomplish what the government chose not to, and put Equifax out of business for good. And, Mulvaney? If you don't understand the job, do the right thing and resign in favor of someone better.
  2. Jeff Triplette is set to retire after his terrible performance on Saturday in the Chiefs/Titans wild card game. He's most known for nearly blinding Orlando Brown in one eye with a carelessly thrown penalty flag, but he has a long history of terrible performances.