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Found 2 results

  1. Leslie Uggams has sung with Louis Armstrong, starred in Roots (one of the most-watched TV series of all time), and traded zingers with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character. Still, nothing can quite compare to the time she met President Lyndon B. Johnson. During his time as president between 1963 and 1969, Uggams, then an in-demand performer, says she was invited by the White House to sing for Johnson and guests. When she was offered a tour of the White House by the president himself, she and the other invited performers couldn’t resist. “The next thing you know he says, ‘Hey, you want to come up to the second floor?’ We were like, ‘Yeah!’ Who gets to go up there other than the people who live there?” Uggams, 75, recalls. “So he’s giving us a tour of everything and he’s talking. You know how when there’s a group of you, like at a museum, and you may stop to look at a painting longer than the others — well I was walking with the president. We were ahead of Bob Hope and the rest of the people that were entertaining. And we get to a bedroom, and he says, ‘Oh this is the famous Lincoln Bed.’ And I say, ‘Wow this is a part of history.’ And so he shows me the bed and slyly says, ‘I sure would like to get you onto that bed.’ I was like… what?” And that’s when someone famous came in to save the day. “But just as my eyes were crossing, Bob Hope came and walked into the bedroom and that was the end of that,” Uggams adds. ***************************************************************************************************** So only Bob Hope, avatar of middle America, rescued Leslie Uggams from the clutches of LBJ. That was fitting. He was outstanding when it came to Civil Rights and the Great Society, but when it came down to it, LBJ was still a nasty old excessively erotically fixated fiend. No shame in his game. Ironically, if uber-lothario JFK had been alive and done the tour, Leslie would have been safe as he wasn't known to go after AA women.
  2. A co-founder of KIPP, the largest charter school network in the country, has been fired over allegations of sexual misconduct with a child. Michael Feinberg was accused of sexually abusing a student in the late 1990s— an allegation that surfaced this past spring, according to a statement put out by the charter network Thursday evening. KIPP Houston Public Schools and an independent law firm hired by the network investigated the allegations. KIPP officials also contacted Texas Child Protective Services. Feinberg denies all allegations against him. While the statement from KIPP states that neither investigation initiated by the network was able to definitively confirm that Feinberg abused a student, investigators did, however, "find the allegation to have credibility." During the course of KIPP's investigation of the misconduct involving a student, the network hired the law firm WilmerHale, which found two other misconduct allegations against Feinberg. Those were from two adult employees of KIPP Houston, both of whom had been students in the charter network. One reached a financial settlement. The other allegation could not be corroborated, according to KIPP officials. Feinberg did not want to settle the lawsuit, according to his lawyer Chris Tritico. Tritico also said that WilmerHale was not the first law firm hired by KIPP to investigate the sexual abuse allegation from the 90s. And the first firm retained by KIPP found the allegation not to be credible. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This is just sad. I know of students who have really benefitted from KIPP, and there is even a KIPP school in my neighborhood. Feinberg has helped hundreds of students but now his reputation is permanently tarnished. Sexual lust can be so consuming that it leads otherwise good people to do very bad things.