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Found 3 results

  1. Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) is no longer collecting Social Security numbers under the district’s new data security policy. Director of Technology Infrastructure Edward Gardner, who oversaw the development of the new data policy, said the school system would not collect student Social Security numbers “unless explicitly necessary,” and he could not think of a reason it would be. This comes nearly a year after the school system learned of a data breach that exposed the names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of nearly 1,000 students who attended FCPS schools in 2005-2006. Now, parents will be notified via the student handbook which information is being made available to third parties. Parents will also have the opportunity to opt out of sharing the data.
  2. A huge, unprotected WWE database containing information on more than 3 million users, noting it was open to anyone who knew the web address to search. All data was stored in plain text. The data - which included home and email addresses, birthdates, as well as customers' children's age ranges and genders where supplied - was sitting on an Amazon Web Services S3 server without username or password protection. Another exposed WWE database contained reams of information primarily on European fans, though the information contained only addresses, telephone numbers and names. While the security lapse is cause for concern, that WWE is also collecting ethnicity information and children's age ranges has privacy advocates anxious. It would appear, however, that the fans had volunteered that information, having the choice to do so on their WWE Network profile. Multiple leaks have occurred on Amazon in recent months, largely thanks to misconfigurations of servers. The most notable was that of a Republican Party marketing contractor that left data on more than 198 million voters on an open database in June. In that case the information appeared to be amassed from a wide range of sources, and included addresses, birthdates, phone numbers and sentiment analyses for predicting individuals' opinions, religion and ethnicity.
  3. I love going to the mall in White Marsh. Before my Tom passed we found cartoon cuts and the only place our little man wasn't screaming about getting his hair cut. Skip up a few years and many tears later. I still take my youngest to cartoon cuts - partly because Tom passed two weeks after this particular haircut for little man and him saying we should bring him here from now on. I know realistically that will of course change as little man becomes a teen...but that is still some time. This time at the mall our regular stylist for little man went ahead and did her usual wonder on our growing boy. I can not say enough about Miyoung other then probably chopping her name up badly! After my son said can we explore the mall. We had a little bit of time to waste before his doctors appointment. We ventured off and found Sports Authority which I had never been I before then. After we headed to the food court and I had to go. So we went to the family restroom. Nothing like being in mid stream looking up to gasp a security camera in the mirror. I literally could hear my air intake as I tried to swallow down. Why is there a camera in view of the restroom? I was floored. There is a changing table over by the sink was it also viewing small children? I took two picture of the entire bathroom and then just of the video camera. I found a security guard on the lower level. I am like why is there a camera in view of the bathroom? She goes oh we get that all the time. She goes its not turned to there! I said...but can it be... she said no. I have my doubts. If so many people are freaked or come to you about it then ummm hey how about put up a screen over that area so its not viewing even remotely the bathroom so patrons like me stop freaking out?