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Found 1 result

  1. I see we have a word from our [oxymoron alert] British gourmet on Indian Street food. We need a discussion of British Street Food. I googled "best of English cooking" and found the following: Stargazey Pie (love those fish heads), Jellied Eels (tastes worse than it looks), Black Pudding (pudding/sausage thingy made from pigs' blood), Heinz Spotted D**k (diseased genitalia?), Marmite (salty poop sauce), and my favorite, Mr Brain's Pork F*aggots in a rich west country sauce, and for dessert, Flies Graveyard, and finally, Mushy Peas (a take-home delight for the wifey). For photos and more tasty Brit offerings: Possibly the only thing worse than British cooking is British plumbing. This should get his bloomers in a twisty. Bon App├ętit Cheers, Circe