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Miaa baseball 2010

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I just heard from one of the parents that they officially announced his firing/leaving today . As far as the reason you have to get that somewhere else . Most have heard the rumors .


Alright, I'll bite... I saw that Miller "resigned" earlier this week. I'm not one to encourage the spread of unfounded rumors on message boards, so I'll understand if no one wants to say why, but I haven't heard any of them and haven't a clue as to why he might resign or be forced to do so. Very good coach. Tough S.O.B. and has his team primed to make a run again next year. What gives?

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Alright, I'll bite... I saw that Miller "resigned" earlier this week. I'm not one to encourage the spread of unfounded rumors on message boards, so I'll understand if no one wants to say why, but I haven't heard any of them and haven't a clue as to why he might resign or be forced to do so. Very good coach. Tough S.O.B. and has his team primed to make a run again next year. What gives?


Before the rumors start, I would like to make sure all understand what has transpired and provide a timeline for all to understand the issues. YES, Steve Miller was forced to resign his position as Head Coach at Archbishop Spalding HS. He has had a battle with an unsupportive administration for many years now and they have been looking for a way to force him out. Recently, there were SEVERAL people who were enjoying a beverage after a game off school property in red cups. Someone got offended and anonymously filed a complaint with the administration. Rather than support Steve in what was at best a frivolous complaint by an annonymous person, the administration decided to force the parting of ways.


Here is a timeline for all.

Every year for the past 8 years:

1. Steve holds open tryouts just like every other school. Baseball parents as a rule believe their kids are always the best players. Invariably, someone gets cut every year and every year Steve gets called into the AD's office to justify the cuts. Every year, Steve does so without prejudice. Steve has always had a philosophy that if a kid doesn't have control of, or the work ethic to improve, his physical abilities by his Jr. year, he will not provide the opportunity to play at a varsity level. Juniors, as a rule don't play junior varsity baseball at Spalding for this very reason. A freshmen or sophomore who shows signs of progression are more likely to make the JV or varsity teams for the good of the future program.

2. Steve is a tough coach. He doesn't just teach kids how to play baseball. he teaches kids how to be men. He teaches them how to fight for themselves and strive to be the best in everything that they do. He teaches discipline, patience, and prowess. Every year, kids and parents get upset with his philosophies, his demeanor and his focus. He points out the flaws of the kids and follows up with praise when warranted. At times parents will complain to the administration and he will be called in each time and provide justification as appropriate.

3. Every once in a while, a kid who wants to get in will apply to the school and not get admitted. The parents have then complained that they had their hearts set on playing for Steve and go to the administration looking for some special treatment. The parents state that Steve told them this or that and they feel duped. Mostly its just whacko parents that need their head examined as they have made up fictitious conversations.

4. Every year, Steve lobbies the Administration for funding for projects to improve the baseball facilities, which everyone would admit have improved significantly since he's been there.

5. For several years, Steve has expressed concern about the inconsistency of the bussing arrangements and several times the lack of a bus for transportation to games.



2 years ago, the new lifting facility was put into place and every sports team then had the opportunity to use the facility under the direct supervision of the weight training expert. The weight training regimen that was assigned to the team was immediately questioned by Steve as the wrong regimen for baseball players.


Last year, after tryouts, Steve deemed it necessary to cut the entire junior class except for 1 player who had previously played varsity (he was a senior this year). FEW people would have argued with him as the entire class was without the necessary skill to play at the varsity level. Steve opted to keep the seniors, 1 junior, a crop of sophomores and a very talented freshmen group. At the JV level was sophomores and freshmen as explained earlier. Last year, the parents of the Jr class went on a witch hunt for Steve and the administration showed no support towards Steve when there was a group meeting between the parents Steve and the Admin. The Admin allowed the parents to get loud and unruly towards Steve. The end result was that Steve took this very young team to the MIAA playoffs. This year, with 1 Sr., Steve coached Spalding to a 14-4 record in conference and a 3 way tie for 1st place in the regular season.



This year, more cuts at tryouts, more parental complaints more administrative meetings. This year, Steve asked for funds for a few small projects like fixing the score board, which was struck by lightning (didn't get it, but borrowed another teams electronics to make due), Fixing the sprinkler system(parents fixed), Cutting the grass, upkeep on the nets, fence tarps etc., drainage issue, tires for the batting cage and the like. Once again very little support from administration.


Recently the Red cup incident happened and the Administration just didn't want to talk about it.


Here is what Steve has done for the program.

1. He increased the facilities to one of the best facilities in the area.

2. He managed the use of the facility for the Southern Maryland Baseball camp.

3. He has created a Maryland Cavalier baseball program.

4. He has made the playoffs in the MIAA ever since I can remember.

5. He has won 20 or more games in 7 of his last 8 years.

6. He has send 34 players on to play college baseball.

7. He is well respected by his peers and is known as one of the top coaches in the area.

8. He has opened a facility in Bowie that caters to the off season development of the youth in the area.

9. He provides clinics for coaches to further develop their teaching skills for the purpose of developing more kids.

10. He puts countless hours into field maintenance both in season and out of season.

11. He agreed to resign if the Administration would allow the continued support of the MANY activities which take place at the Spalding field.


All of the above is fact as stated.


Everything below is my opinion.


Steve is a great man. He has made a great program out of what would otherwise not be a very good program. Spalding typically doesn't have big named superstars or immediate impact players that attend. Steve develops his players from whatever level they are and teaches them how to play the game correctly step by step. Spalding has done wrong by forcing him out. The higher up administration has listened to Lee Dove, Spalding’s AD, for too long. Lee Dove has been unsupportive and has ignored baseball for a long time. Like most athletic directors, Lee focus's on football. He encourages activities through the booster club on school property that are far more egregious that the red cup incident that Steve was involved in. Lee Dove is the problem with the Athletic Department. The Administration has listened to Lee and been duped by him too many times. Now, they are losing one of the top baseball coaches in the area because of the clearly bad advice of Lee Dove. I'm upset because I'm a paying customer of the school and the administration has continuously allowed Lee's hypocritical behavior to go unchecked costing my son what will assuredly be sound advice and coaching from someone I greatly respect.




Get rid of LEE DOVE. He's your problem.


He allows on campus drinking through booster functions.

He turns a blind eye to the "red cup" tailgating activities of coaches and fans alike.

He doesn't support the coaches, the needs of the players, and especially the budgetary needs of each sport. He allows favoritism of certain sports through the booster club funding processes and squashes the opportunities for teams to raise their own funds.


Get rid of LEE DOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Post JSPARAK,

I have known coach Miller as well for years now and it is terrible that he is being forced to step down. It is a sad day for MD area baseball.

Steve is a great guy and a great teacher of the game. He would do anything for any kid whether they play for Spalding or not. I have seen him work with many kids who are spread out in the MIAA. He has a ton of contacts college wise and if any kid from CH, Loyola, Carroll, etc asked him to make a recommendation for them he would in a second.


It really is a shame that a man who has given so much to a school and a program would have his back turned on him by the people he works for.


Shame on you Lee Dove, President Murphy and the rest of the spineless Spalding administration.

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Parak - Good post.


I am not a Spalding supporter, but have watched from the outside for many years. Coach Miller will be missed at the school.. He did many things that went unpublished. Spent many hours at the school and away from it for the benefit of that program and for the love of the game. I can assure you, it was not for the salary. Though not perfect, he has the right persepective on things and the players best interests in his heart. Some may not agree with how he presents them -- a bit rough at times -- but fact is, he is usually right. Parents want to hear how great their child is -- well, when placed in the larger talent pool at a school like Spalding, Junior's talent may not be as good as previously thought. Parents at Spalding have way too much power and influence.. Look at the coaches who have been foreced out in recent memory. Any quality coach in his/her right mind would question working at that school under Lee Dove and the administration.


It will be interesting to watch what happens in the next few weeks. How many of the Gibbons transfers now leave for another school.. How many current Cavs leave.. Will the MIAA support them leaving since the coaching staff has changed?? Who will apply for the job?? Who will be selected?? All eyes are on the Red and Black.


Good Luck Coach Miller -- I am sure you will land on your feet.

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What does everyone think of the Team Maryland and All-Metro selections released yesterday?


First Team All Metro:,0,2457912.story


Second Team All Metro:


Ben Brewster, Park, senior, pitcher


Danny Wissman, Hammond, senior, pitcher


Andrew Clow, C. Milton Wright, junior, catcher


Kory Britton, Atholton, junior, infield/pitcher


Brendan Butler, John Carroll, junior, infield/pitcher


Max Cooke, Gilman, senior, infield


Austin Neary, Archbishop Spalding, junior, infield


Ryan Ripken, Gilman, sophomore, infield/pitcher


Dominic Fratantuono, Cardinal Gibbons, senior, outfield


Andrew Giuliani, Mount Hebron, junior, outfield/pitcher


A.J. Lardo, Loyola, junior, outfield


Patrick Rogers, Mount St. Joseph, junior, outfield




MSABC Team Maryland


Austin Richards C

Zach Fitzpatrick C


Kyle Convissar IF

Mike Draper IF

Brandon Glazer IF

Eric Upton IF


Dom Fratantuono OF

Justin Fratantuono OF

AJ Lardo OF

Abe Batal OF

Jordan Gowe OF


Troy Bennett P

Kyle McKelvey P

Adam Parks P

Nick Riley P

Bobby Ruse P

Matt Selmer P

RH Smith P

Zack Sterling P

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If it goes thru I think you will like the new coach .


What are you talking about? This post came after the Team Maryland thing

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Joe Velleggia (CHC 2006) was drafted & signed by the O's last week and is playing rookie ball at Bluefield, WV. Any other MIAA players drafted & signed resently?

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