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Lemming unveils Class of 2011 top 100 football players


For those interested in such things, here's the average heights and weights per position of Tom Lemming's nationwide Top 100 :


WR 6'1 187

TE 6'6 242

OL 6'6 291

QB 6'3 207

RB 6'0 203


DE 6'5 244

DT 6'2 294

LB 6'3 223

DB 6'1 190

AP 6'0 188



Here's the average heights and weights of Maryland's Top 100 :


WR 6'0 184

TE 6'4 223

OL 6'3 266

QB 6'0 186

RB 5'11 189


DL 6'2 257

LB 6'0 206

DB 5'11 177

AP 6'0 181

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I agree and disagree with you on this. First off Dematha doesn't have ANY Josh Furmans. Like you said, Furman was 1 of the 4 best players in the state last year or 5(I would put Louis Young from GC on their as well). I also agree with you, Dematha loss a WHOLE lot from last year especially on D. I don't see them being some monster team this year and I think a lot of teams could play with them this year, beat them NO but compete, yes. BUT those teams you mentioned would NOT have had a chance against Dematha except Linganore last year. True they were Coker led but their Defense was REALLY good. I mean you mentioned teams that didn't even WIN states, some not even make it to the finals. Demathas pure size and numbers would have worned all those teams down and outside of Linganore and maybe Damascus last year they all would have been blown out!


The difference between certain schools isn't about how many D 1 players they have it comes down to coaching experience and resources. City schools have MORE talent than the MIAA schools. This is a fact but the privates have more resources and this is the difference. Schools like Gilman, Loyola all have coaches for each position, cameras from all angles and YEARS of coaching experience. I mean look at the Edmondson-Loyola game last year, Loyola did not have HALF the athletes that Edmondson had but they still destroyed them.


I agree.

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