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Evolution of Dog's brain compared with Human brain

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I didn't know a thing about K-9 until I was retired and was 64YO. After my divorce my fellow employees would tell me to get a dog. One woman I respected who knew a lot about dogs told me it wouldn't be fair to the dog because I should be home the first year. I listened to her. I'm glad I did. I was a stay-at-home mom until my youngest of 3, 21 months apart, was in the first grade. So it made sense.


After I tried to learn to be an engineer, I gave up because the way they taught science was dreadful in the 1990's. The textbooks politicized science compared to my experience 25 years earlier. I had the textbooks to compare.


So I decided to try out K-9 ownership. My first was a 7wk old bichon/westie mix. He looked exactly like the model bichon. I had a hard time even differentiating from picutres the difference between westies and bichons and the public still has trouble with poodles and all these too.


Well, it turns out, that my Galileo brought back my first experience with motherhood when I was 22 YO. My son refused to talk. He used non-verbal communications so successfully that he didn't ever have to talk. So I was used to grunts and groans and yapping to raise an infant into being a toddler.


The Dog Whisperer has resurrected this whole topic for me.


I've come to believe that there should be a specialty for pediatricians up to the age of 3 YO. I think all vets and such pediatricians should participate in this specialty. When I talk to doctors from other countries, they don't disagree, they just smile. Of course the Pentateuch does this a lot with animals and humans in so far as ethics is concerned.

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