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[RULES] 2011 Football Rules Changes

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Greetings to my Baltimore-area friends... I've already posted this down on (since that's where I spend most of my time) but thought it would be prudent to share the 2011 Football Rules Changes with you as well...


The Federation was rather low key in their rules changes this year. There are a couple that I need to let you know about.


Chop Block redefined


In years past, a Chop Block has been a "delayed low block" on an opponent who is already engaged with another blocker. This year, the Federation has changed that rule...


NFHS 2-3-8 (2011)

A chop block is a combination block by two or more teammates against an opponent other than the runner, with or without delay, where one of the blocks is low (at the knee or below) and one of the blocks is high (above the knee).


What this means to you: High-Low blocks are always illegal with or without delay. High-High and Low-Low blocks are legal. In the case of Low-Low, it still has to meet the requirements of not being "Blocking Below the Waist" (i.e. occurs in the Free Blocking Zone against a lineman, etc...) My sense is that it'll take a few games for Umpires (who mainly make that call) and, to some extent, Referees to get used to the new rule.


Eye Shade / Eye Black


In yet another example of the Federation trying to stop players from "calling attention to themselves" or allowing corporate logos (Nike/Under Armour) to make their way on to the field, ye olde rules committee has added the following to the "Illegal Equipment" section...


NFHS 1-5-3c3 (2011)

Eye shade (grease or no-glare strips or stickers) that is not a solid stroke or includes words, numbers, logos or other symbols within the eye shade.


What this means to you: No crazy face makeup, guys... no zombie/skeleton/racoon eyes... no Ultimate Warrior paint... no Nike or UA eye black strips that have a logo on them... no numbers/words/logos in the eye black at all. There's nothing in the rules that say the eye shade has to be black, so you can wear pink if that suits your taste.


Bottom line: If you have more makeup on your face than the cheerleaders, it's probably illegal.


Those are the two most significant changes this year. There are some other clarifications, but most of it has to do with enforcement spots and other things that you guys will probably never notice. The 2011 rule books are out, so coaches should take a look to make sure. The summary of rules changes is always located right after the cover page.


Please remember that I am not a part of the National Federation Rules Committee, so complaining about changes to me won't help you... As always, I stand ready to answer your questions.

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