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Lead in Richmond American Homes in Fallston

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Unfortunately, the article had to single out one builder.


The fact is, there are brass fittings that have been used for decades on homes all over the place, numbering probably in the millions throughout the country.

Until recently, there has been no alternative, and there is still difficulty in finding a being certain that the fittings being used are, in fact "lead free".


This same type of article ran back in the early 90's and essentially accused one well pump manufacturer of lead poisoning. Truth? ALL pumps at the time were using brass in them. It started a firestorm of complaints from homeowners accusing us of "poisoning" their water.


In 30 years, we'll probably be finding out the chlorine in CPVC piping causes cancer in lab rats.

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And unfortunately, the parents of a lot of children around the area are still worrying.


Have the wells been retested like the article said? If so, what were the results?


Are the people in these neighborhoods still receiving bottled water?


Regardless of how many builders did it, I imagine all the parent of children in the Richmond Homes built in Fallston, and along Grafton Shop Road are still concerned.


AND then there's the concern that Richmond has built so many homes ALL OVER Harford County...and other places. Who knows how many of these brass fittings are out there contaminating otherwise good water.

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I'll ask this.


How many of those "worried parents" are sitting back and waiting for the guvmnent to test their wells for them, or are they being PROACTIVE and testing their own well to find out what the issue is?


The point is, and I said it in my previous post. Until VERY recently (past few months), there hasn't been a good alternative to installing brass fittings on well systems.


This has NOTHING to do with R/A Homes and/or any "negligence" on their part. this is not an isolated case, as the article would lead you to believe. There are THOUSANDS of wells in and around Harco with brass fittings and low pH.


If you, or any other parent are worried about YOUR well, test your water, and change out the brass for SS or plastic. It's not that complicated or expensive.


Standing on a soapbox and shouting, "My kids are dying", while doing nothing on your own is representative of someone not really concerned about the lead, but about how much money is coming.

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