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Remember the 30-15, 15-5 starts of yesteryear."Those were the days"

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Yes those were the days my friends. We thought they'd never end. We sang and danced whenever the O's would win. Now in days of yesterday, we look and pray they play, we pray the O's will win for us today.


The days of Brooks great plays, the homers of Boog always, make going to games a place the family loves. Of Franks great leadership and Palmers always tweaks we win and always look good as fans would later say.


Today we see a owner who always looks for fields of clover and ways to make the money fast and easy. He cares of not the fans but always makes a plan, to see how much he can make today.


When will the days return, maybe today say some, but all we know is that Angelos is still in charge. It's time to look anew and ask what shall we do as all the fans keep praying for days of yesteryear.:)


*****Sung to the Those were the days tune**********

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