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Is this team better than the Y not team??

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Im sure you guys remember the Y not team of 1989. I was just curious if you guys feel the 2012 team is better than that team that almost made the playoffs. Remember the Blue Jays were awesome. If the 89 team could compete than there is hope. Y NOT! I believe this years team is a lot like that group

1989 team

Phil Bradley

Joe Orsalek

Mike Deveraux

graig worthington

Ripkin Brothers

Larry Sheets

Mickey tettleton

Randy Millugan



Dave steward

Dave Johnson

Jeff Ballard

Jay tibbs

Bob Milacki

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I think you need to take into consideration the teams around them as well. Its not just if our team is as good or better but what are the teams around us like. Are they better or worse too. On paper I think we are just as good if not better.


and I completely forgot about Phil Bradley

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