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Fisherman's Fortune: The $736,700 Tuna

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interesting article........


gave up offshore fishing about 10 years ago but loved catching tuna .....


love me some sushi too but not at these prices :eek: .....


On August 21, The Telegraph reported that a fisherman had caught an extremely rare bahaba off the coast of Fujian Province in China. The fish weighed 176 pounds, and at £1,700 a pound, the fisherman collected £300,000 for the fish, or over $475,000. The bahaba fetches high market prices for its swim bladder, which is used in Chinese medicine to treat lung and heart ailments. The fish has been known to exceed 200 pounds, so despite the impressive size of the August 21 catch, there have been larger specimens out there that yielded even higher paydays, such as one caught in south China in 2010 that sold for $540,000.


As impressive a haul as that is, it didn't represent the highest known payday for something caught from the sea. On January 5, a Japanese fishing industry still reeling from the March 2011 tsunami got a much-needed shot in the arm. On that day, a Bluefin tuna weighing almost 592 pounds was caught near the seaside Japanese town of Oma. The tuna was purchased by the Kiyomura Company in Tokyo for a record-setting $736,700, or approximately $1,244 a pound.

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