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Playoff Tune Up-B. Pierce addition

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Few thoughts about the Ravens before playoff the run……


The Ravens may have the least respect from the league/media in terms of doing damage in the playoffs based on recent struggles prior to the Giants game. This means the Ravens are under the radar and this is great!



Wish List:

Italics indicated @ Bengals-12/30/12


Pierce and Rice in combination packages- the majority of the time. Check the stats; Rice has not been great in the playoffs aside from @ (1st) New England and @Kansas City Games. Would like to see Rice as a third receiver primarily and coming out of the backfield as a receiver with Pierce getting the majority of the work load running the rock.

Place Oher as a right tackle/guard or on the bench period.

Ray Lewis as a hybrid backer/secondary player whose primary responsibility is rushing the quarterback.


Would like to see Ngata in limited action if injury is still there and placed in positions to disrupt the passing game.

D. Pees used to coach at New England, he needs to act like it, keep the opposing teams guessing.

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