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Chiefs interested in Alex Smith

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LOL. Let's see Alex Smith put that team on his back and take them to the Super Bowl.




(Ya hear that, West Chester Raven?!!!)


"West Chester Raven at 11:34 AM February 24, 2013


There's going to be whole lotta excuse making and finger pointing going on next season when our newly minted highest paid QB ain't deliverinvg the goods.


Let's ask the other side: What is signing Flacco going to ensure? If we make him the highest paid QB with a new 5-7 year deal are you saying we're going to make the playoffs next year and the year after? You should. That's what the best QB in the league does. He carries the team. If Flacco is going to carry the team, then let's get the deal done.


I'll expect to see completion %, QBR Rating in the top 5. I'll expect to see a guy make up for shortcomings of the team in other areas wiith his commending skill. So if Flacco can cover weaknesses in other areas - then yeah let's do it.


If he wants the most money, then we should want assurances that we're going to win - a lot. And win becasue of him. This team's gonna look a lot different next year."

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