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Shellie Zimmerman arrested for assault!!!

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Having since clicked around the site a bit, though, I’m somehow both relieved and revolted even further. The National Report, it seems, is one of those pseudo-satire operations that have sprung up in emulation of The Onion. There’s the woeful Daily Currant, which is periodically linked to by cyberdopes outraged over the latest supposed development in the decline of civilization. But The National Report’s Zimmerman story goes the Currant one worse: It’s so unfunny that it can’t even be read as an attempt to be funny. There isn’t a single genuine joke to be found in its 254 words – just illogical reactionary fantasy and invective against the “liberal media,” of the sort you can find on any number of sites that offer conservatives a comforting (read: infuriating) alternative to reality.




The National Report


I wonder how many will fall for yet another “news” story from there without once again realizing it is a satire site? Supposedly ~ the story is making the rounds among the usual far~right Web universe.



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