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Winning take risk

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 02:22 PM

Winning require some Risk Taking.

Let’s give thanks for the owner Peter Angelos.

1.   A generous man in the community.

2.   2. Save the State and City from a loss of the franchise at a time when outside groups were possibly to purchase. This was a time when the Colts were gone and the sports spirits were in the pits.

3.   Even with the 14 years at least we had a team to go root for and have our hopes.  How many other cities would have taken this type of hope?


This said The TEMPREMENT OF OUR OWNER is less than that of a Winning Posture.

1.   Overly cautious approach to medicals on player.

2.   Lack of market standard budget for a real contender.

3.   Hiring skills for front office leadership.

4.   A meddlesome approach to delegation, power and authority to front office.

5.   A LAWYER- By its nature a cautious nature to the point of making a science of it! This said in tight case I have seen good attorneys take a serious risk to win the case.  But generally this is a Risk adverse Profession.


To WIN “IF” you look at organizations, Taking a Risk is a Generally accepted. You will find each year some defined move not cautious in nature is taken. Singing for the fence sometime will benefit the organization.


The Orioles are, it seems to me going to be relegated to hoping to be Competitive. As Buck say Competitive or Contending what is that I want to WIN! I do not see the moves this winter as that of a winner. I see it a cautious, calculating and without risk. There are no sings at the fences. Only swinging hoping and praying for singles. Of course our OBP is less than needed s. So we score a lack of runs with our moves. Our moves emulate the Nature, Temperament and Attitude of the Ownership.

We may not go back to the 14 years. BUT we will see the others on the top while we keep on hoping and praying.


I come form the school (yes I now they are tearing my school down) that the ownership is the caretakers for the city and fans. When you have many of the teams utilizing the monstrous additional funds form tv to improve while the Orioles are content to hold it for ownership pocket to be a contrast. By the way likewise I think the player salaries are an unqualified sin. But his is the marketplace.


These comments are in no way to be construed as an attack on the Orioles ownership. But it is a very complete description of our position as the fans and City.


P.S My Major concern is this ownership Temperament is adverse and contrary to the Field Manger (Buck) to such a degree I fear his leaving before his contract is ended.



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Posted 21 December 2013 - 03:30 PM

Anybody else having trouble even reading this? Sometimes, proofreading before you post can help a lot.

#3 Jimmy Jazz

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 11:56 PM

Anybody else having trouble even reading this? Sometimes, proofreading before you post can help a lot.

For me it's like when you accidentally get one of those large type books for people with bad eyes.

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