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Armando Benitez recieved a HOF vote!

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that was pretty funny to hear. I'm not sure how close Morris got, but I know that Biggio missed out by 2 votes. we don't know who voted for Benitez, or if he voted for AB instead of Biggio or any other actual HOF worthy candidates. but it shows that voters are using their ballots to make statements, rather than making an earnest effort while respecting the honor of being allowed to vote. 


I mentioned this in the other thread. It frustrates me that a culture has built up where being a HOFer isn't good enough. the electorate seem compelled to differentiate between those who are hall worthy, and those who are 1st ballot hall worthy. that's pretty silly. Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn were both 1st ballot HOFers. their honor and standing in the game isn't diminished by Biggio getting in on his first year of eligibility. it's silly, and has essentially assured Biggio that he'll be waiting for 2 or more years, because there's no way he's going to upset Smoltz, Johnson and Pedro. and it doesn't look mathematically possible for more than 3 players to be inducted by the writers.  

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