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Help Wanted: Electric Attitude Driven (Offensive) Players

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First, I think credit should be given to Coach Harbaugh, The Wizard of Oz and company for the past several years in terms of team accomplishments.  However as a fan that pays close attention to the Ravens and other teams, I think the Ravens can take things to another level of excellence.


It’s no need to rehash the Bolden trade as the Ravens did everything but admit their mistake through signing Steve Smith this offseason.  For the draft and the remaining offseason, the Ravens need to emphasize on electric, attitude (on the field) driven offensive players. In the past, the Ravens have done just enough or slightly not enough to stock the offensive cupboard. 


It would be a great if the Ravens create a situation in which Jacoby Jones is the 5th receiver and primary returner. Make Owen Daniels the 3rd or 4th Tight End option. Push Steve Smith to a 3rd receiver. If Ray Rice does not get it together on and off the field, make him a third running back option with a designation to see the door after next season.  Yes, please do the math before you comment, that means bringing in talent to push the above mentioned out of their current spots. The Ravens have not done this in the past which leads to conversation on how good they really could be. 


For this offseason, the only defensive position that needs to get drafted is safety.  Offensive lineman should be brought in the late rounds or as undrafted rookies. Remember Rick Wagner was a second round talent; he may need time to develop.  The rest of the off-season needs to focus on Electric, attitude driven offensive players.

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