Rutgers offense looks better with the Fridge

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As Labor Day weekend in New Jersey is spent with euphoria over the first victory of the 2014 season, Rutgers fans will undoubtedly look ahead to the rest of the season and what this team can become in the Big Ten.


If the aggressive, attacking offense that shredded Washington State's defense is poised to take the field all season, offensive coordinator Ralph Friedgen is on the path to becoming a household name among college football fans in this state.


While we spent the majority of each offseason debating recruiting, redshirt status and the future of head coach Kyle Flood, the hiring of Friedgen, the former Maryland head coach affectionately referred to as "Fridge," may have been the biggest thing to happen to the Rutgers program in years.

I hope Maryland and Rutgers can both get some B1G wins this year.

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They are 5 and 1 heading into the tough part of their B1G schedule. Still time to pick up tickets to Fridge's return to Maryland!

Just over five or six bucks a ticket?!



Upper Sideline 306

From $5.25 USD


Upper Sideline 311

From $5.89 USD


Upper Sideline 310

From $6.10 USD


Upper Sideline 312

From $6.10 USD

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