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New Map Shows NFL Fanbase Territories

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Surprised this was not posted here already.

The Ravens seem to be making gains in MD.


The Redskins control metro DC and southern MD.

The Ravens have metro Baltimore+

-The Eastern shore of MD

-Cecil County, NE MD

-Sussex County, DE

-Washington and even Allegheny County, MD


I am very surprised the Ravens are now getting credit as Frederick County is still Skins country, and Washington/Allegheny have always been labeled "Stillers" County.

Also, Cecil County usually goes with Philly teams and never before have the Ravens gotten anything in De.


Is this pretty accurate?

It seems the Ravens have become MD's team and are taking pretty much all the areas the O's have, one difference is South Central PA which is still labeled for the Stillers.

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What you said about Cecil is pretty accurate. I worked there for years and can atest to the fact that it was totally Phiily country when I first started. As of 2013, it was 90% Raven and Orioles when I left. I thing Flacco helped out that situation since he played a couple of miles away at U of Delaware. Many Cecil fans abruptly became Raven fans when they drafted Joe.

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