UMBC College Soccer Final Four

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Congratulations and cheers for the UMBC team and Coach Pete Caringi, they play Virginia in the semi final game tomorrow, December 12, 5:00 PM in North Carolina, ESPNU. 19 of their players are from Maryland, two of their last scorers from McDonough. Best of luck to this great group!

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Congrats to Pete and the retrievers for a hell of a run .....

I will second that. When I was looking at colleges in the late 80's UMBC was way off my radar. Maybe in part because I lived so close.

But it had no feel or culture. It just seemed like a four year community college.

Now the school is one of the best institutions in the the state. Athletic success has not been a huge part of that but they have had success in lacrosse, basketball, and baseball, and of course chess. I employe several UMBC graduates and they have all impressed me. As did the President's personal efforts to help them get jobs.


The soccer team there will build on this success. Let's hope they can keep the coach because I am sure he will be getting phone calls

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