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Howard County Public Safety Diver Volunteer Recruiting

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The 5th District Volunteer Fire Department (out of Clarksville, MD) is actively recruiting experienced divers for the Howard County Rescue and Recovery Dive Team. The dive team is entirely volunteer and serves all of Howard County and is often called upon for joint/mutual operations with neighboring counties and organizations.


The department usually requires that you are already an emergency first responder, but we are extending an exception in order to recruit qualified divers. To be considered for this exception, the potential candidate should be a certified rescue diver or higher (by a recognized certifying dive organization) with 50+ logged dives. The ideal candidate will also be an experienced dry suit and/or full face mask diver.


In addition to divers, the dive team is also looking for Public Safety Diver surface support personnel (tenders).


Applicants must also pass a background investigation, membership interview, full physical, and be approved by the dive operations coordinator. Candidates must also be able to pass a Watermanship Skills and Stamina (in accordance with IADRS and NFPA) test.


Any interested candidates, please email with your information and we can get you the appropriate forms and start the process for consideration. Also, please feel free to ask any questions that everybody may want to know the answer to in this thread.


For a look at some of the typical duties of our Public Safety Divers and tenders take a look at the FDVFD Website.


Some answers to previously asked questions:

  • All gear is provided by the department (although some may use their own gear or buy new gear as long as it is in line what what is needed).
  • Much of your time, gear, and any money spent is tax deductible. Talk to your accountant for details
  • Although not required, you have the opportunity to expand to being a firefighter, EMT, and even paramedic.

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