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RIP Gato

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As music dies one by one.

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Easy listening.  


Gato Barbieri's early 60's sound with the likes of Don Cherry, Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, and Pharoah Sanders was not so easy to listen to. Background, Elevator, Telephone, Muzak, Soundtrack, or Commercial music it was not.


The Jazz Composer's Orchestra - Communications #11 (Part 1)

Composed and conducted by Michael Mantler

  • Cecil Taylor, piano
  • Andrew Cyrille, drums
  • Al Gibbons, Steve Marcus, soprano sax
  • Bob Donovan, Jimmy Lyons, alto sax
  • Lew Tabackin, Gato Barbieri, tenor sax
  • Charles Davis, baritone sax
  • Lloyd Michaels, Stephen Furtado, flugelhorns
  • Bob Northern, Julius Watkins, french horns
  • Jimmy Knepper, trombone
  • Jack Jeffers, bass trombone
  • Howard Johnson, tuba
  • Bob Cunningham, Charlie Haden, Reggie Johnson, Alan Silva, Reggie Workman, basses.


"I remember reading the review of this piece in downbeat, the writer explaining that he felt the need to glance over at his stereo to ensure that the LP wasn't levitating off the turntable. It really is that strong, protean, a living, throbbing, hyper-imaginative set of music with the wonderful happenstance of Mantler's ideas blossoming at the exact moment Taylor was making the transition in his playing from the fevered hermetics of his two mid-60s masterpieces, "Unit Structures" and "Conquistador!" into the elaborate and expansive explorations that would soon be heard in works like "Indent" and "Silent Tongues". Trying to describe it is something of a fool's errand anyway; I've often had the mental image of a cauldron containing molten metal, boiling, sustaining a plosive pattern somewhere between regularity and chaos." ~~ Brian Olewnick

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Gato had a Spanish Bop soul.  Thankfully he had periods tethered long enough to the ground to leave some major saxophone behind.

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