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Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances are regulations that attept to provide enough infrastrcuture as growth occurs. On April 12, 2016 A Task Force released the first comprehensive recommendation in decades to change provisions in it's APFO. These changes may ammended existing regulations that control the number of units that can be built, the amount of overcrowding allowed in school districts, fees and exemptions.  Hundreds of media and government officials throughout the state have monitored this on social media sites since this regulation has the potential to change the implementation of public infrastructure of services ranging from schools, roads, fire, EMS, hospitals, parks and more. Counties such as Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll, Queen Anne's and others have tackled this subject pitting developers, residents, administrations and services against each other for limited resources. Do you feel well informed on this topic? What would you like to learn more about this from the media?



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