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MichaeL. Wagner

Daily Dark Chocolate Linked To Lower Risk Of Diabetes, Heart Disease + Glucose Monitor No Need To Prick

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“… returning to a diet rich in traditional native foods—vegetables, fruit, legumes, and ancient grains like corn, beans, and squash.”

Navajo Nation Turns to Plant-Based Foods to Reverse Diabetes / Indian Today (2014)





Diet that can help you avoid or even reverse Type 2 diabetes / Daily Mail (Jan 2016)



Can Chickpeas and Lentils Help Control Diabetes? / Time (2012)




“… choose healthy, low-sugar, antioxidant-rich carbohydrates like whole grains (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, cereal, crackers, quinoa, barley), whole fruit (not juice or dried fruit) and vegetables. These types of carbohydrates are generally low-glycemic, which means they increase blood sugar less rapidly than highly processed, refined, sugar-filled carbohydrates. Naturally high-fiber foods are always a good choice as they slow the emptying of food from your stomach, which helps improve blood sugar control. By preventing spikes in blood sugar, you can also prevent the crashes that follow.”

What should I eat if I have diabetes? / CNN (2011)




Diabetes emerges as Japan’s hidden scourge / Japan Times (May 7, 2016)




This new glucose monitor eliminates the need to prick your finger / Digital Trends (May 7, 2016)




Daily chocolate intake linked to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease / Medical News Today (April 29, 2016)





Daily dark chocolate consumption could reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease /  (May 3, 2016)

“We enrich the flavor of our dark chocolate baking chips by using an exclusive, all-natural sweetener made from malted barley and corn. Unlike refined sugars, which offer no nutritional value and mask the chocolate's taste, our grain sweetener highlights the natural flavor of these delectable morsels, making for a delicious and healthful addition to your baked goods.”

Grain Sweetened Dark Chocolate Baking Chips / Sunspire

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That no prick glucose monitor will be a Godsend for EVERYONE not just those with Diabetes.

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