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Mr. Robot

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Just started watching the first season of this show and got through four episodes. To say that the show is bizarre is an understatement. That is good and bad. Good in that it keeps things interesting by being so different. Bad in that it gets so strange as to be hard to follow.

Without giving away too much it is about a very introverted tech geek that gets caught up in some sort of hacking project. The show is sort of a combination between Dexter and Fight Club. It is Dexter in that the main character, Elliot, has a lot in common with Dexter. Dexter was a serial killer who killed serial killers. Elliot is a hacker who hacks people he doesn't like and exposes them. Both have social issues. Dexter faked his emotions but Elliot is just withdrawn.

It is like Fight Club in that there is a lot of counter culture stuff going on. Anti consumerism and anti corporate are front and center.


I'm not sure I'm ready to give this show a thumbs up. Its pace is slow mainly due to the main character's inability to interact with anyone in a normal way. It makes me want to give the show a Monty Python like cheer of, "Get on with it." Yet at other times Elliot's inability to cope with things is actually amusing, leading to one liners such as, "Never make important decisions while on morphine." One consistent fun part is the way Elliot narrates the show to his imaginary friend. That friend being the audience. This also seems like a nod to fight club where the main character, The Narrator, played by Edward Norton, explained what was going on. Elliot does the same thing.

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