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Premier League Review Matchday season 2016/2017

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After what seems like an eternity ( though only being 2/3 months), domestic football in England is back. English fans will want something to be able to forget and there is no better way to do it than watch their team play in one of the best leagues in the world. The Premier League rarely fails to impress and excite any fan, even if your team isn’t in the league, and the expectations will be even higher for every team with the money being at an all time high.

Last season was one of the most exciting and unexpected seasons where Leicester City defied all odds and won the Premier League. They showed the world that money isn’t everything as they spent little in the way of the norm with the top flight, with Jamie Vardy, the clubs top scorer, arriving at the King Power Stadium for just £1million. Tottenham and Arsenal  both managed to qualify for the Champions League group stages whilst Manchester City made the last Champions League spot. Manchester United, Southampton and West Ham managed to make the three Europa League spots.

Burnley and Hull managed to bounce back to the Premier League after only one season in the Championship, whilst Middlesbrough will play their first Premier League game for seven years after relegation in 2008/09. These three have replaced Aston Villa, Newcastle and Norwich who will play in the Championship this season after their relegation last time out.

EPL highlights and Review 1st Matchday 2016/2017 :

Arsenal vs Liverpool (3 - 4)

Chelsea vs West Ham United (2 - 1)

AFC Bournemouth vs Manchester United (1 - 3)

Southampton vs Watford (1 - 1)

Middlesbrough vs Stoke City (1 - 1)

Manchester City vs Sunderland (2 - 1)

Hull City vs Leicester City (2 - 1)

Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur (1 - 1)

Crystal Palace vs West Brom (0 - 1)

Burnley vs Swansea City (0 - 1)

To see details review and highlights goals, click on list above.

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Keep up to date with your favorite teams, further games in the Premier League and many other competitions, right here. All you need to enjoy football!

Premier League 2016/2017 Matchday 11 :

Leicester City vs West Brom (1 - 2)

Swansea City vs Manchester United (1 - 3)

Hull City vs Southampton (2 - 1)

Liverpool vs Watford (6 - 1)

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur (1 - 1)

Chelsea vs Everton (5 - 0)

Burnley vs Crystal Palace (3 - 2)

Bournemouth vs Sunderland (1 - 2)

West Ham United vs Stoke City (1 - 1)

Manchester City vs Middlesbrough (1 - 1)

NOTE : to see the details of match, just click on list above

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