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Are You Who You Think You Are?

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Liberal Do-Gooder stuff. That's an awful Broad definition of Cousins. I can think of one or two Cousins Now that I'm not especially fond of. Past more than a century or thereabouts you may as well compare variations on Dog Breeds. Go back 10 generations or more and who knows. You have to deal in This reality. I know both the German and Polish sides of my family came here into Ellis Island in the 1880's. Past that I don't know because I'm not Paying to look further. It's not important to me. There's a Minor Saint and a Church in Germany that I never heard of that I stumbled upon with essentially my last name so that looks like it goes back a few centuries. Beyond that, I could care less. What defines you is the here and now, This is where you Live.


On top of that I think most people close up more with Age. Why do you think they call us "Grumpy Old Men"? Once I guess I thought I was pretty Liberal. That changed into my 40's & 50's. You oughta meet my old buddy John! In his 70's now I don't think you'll find a Crustier OB than him. Compared to him I'm a Nice Guy!

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