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Ever wonder what Billy Bob Thornton has been up to? It is this, an Amazon Prime show.

Sadly, it is not all that great. The acting was top notch but the story was meandering and in the end, jumped the shark a bit too much.

Thornton does have a certain comic way about him but considering the dark plot of the story it didn't work very well. The story also suffers from being cliche.

David versus Goliath, the washed up lawyer takes on the big bad defense contractor and its shady lawyers. It is predictable to the point that any suspense doesn't play out well.


William Hurt plays the big wig shady lawyer and he does it so well it kind of detracts from the show. His his character is disgusting to watch.


Olivia Thirlby probably has the best part as the shady lawyer's unwitting lackey. Molly Parker also did a good job in playing manipulative beyotch of a lawyer who was really easy to hate.


All in all, it wasn't that great of a show. Too cliche, too predictable, and with a bit of an identity crisis. I don't see there being another season of this.

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