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Woman Drug Dealer Kills Informant

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Prosecutors said [Defendant Parris] Pratt is the first woman to be sentenced to life without parole in the county. When [Judge Nelson] Rupp announced his decision, some of Pratt's relatives and supporters began to walk out of the courtroom and others cried. The judge became indignant.


"I'm listening to all of these outbreaks in the courtroom," he said, raising his voice. "Where were you when she was 11 years old? Where were you when she was put out on the streets? Where were you when she had to fend for herself? I'm not going to stand for it. You don't deserve to be in this courtroom expressing that. You leave right now."


Way to go, Your Honor!


The article notes that Pratt was selling crack " to people desperate enough to prostitute their children."


A rather sad and sordid tale--a woman abandoned as a child who turns to selling drugs, a murder victim who lived in a group home, druggies prosituting their children for drugs. :(

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