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RIP Mose Allison

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"Mose Allison, a singer, pianist and composer who blurred musical borders with his earthy, comically charged blues songs and his bebop-fueled piano stylings, creating a wry musical legacy that influenced dozens of better-known performers, died Nov. 15 in Hilton Head, S.C. He was 89."


"While cashing royalty checks from the record sales of latter-day rockers, Mr. Allison remained something of a musical oddity, appearing with acoustic jazz trios in small clubs into his 80s. He was sometimes described as too bluesy for jazz and too jazzy for the blues, an original and unconventional combination of, say, Percy Mayfield and Thelonious Monk.  “I guess I’m the man without a category,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 1990."


Everybody's Crying Mercy:
"People running round in circles

Don’t know what they’re headed for
Everybody’s crying peace on Earth
Just as soon as we win this war"  

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