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Trump: "I Inherited a Mess"

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#81 Norman


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Posted 17 February 2017 - 11:39 AM

No more of a victim than the rest of us. Few foresaw the severity of the collapse.

I so miss Obama. Hell I miss Bush. Those halycon times when the POTUS was off the front page for days at a time. And didn't compulsively lie and brag. Good times.

It's all about him.


Trump is always at his most content when he is front and center. It's why he loved the campaign trail so much. His speeches broadcast live on cable TV, his supporters roaring for him. It's why, more than 1,300 days before the 2020 presidential race, Trump is headed to Florida this weekend for a campaign rally. If Trump could have a TV channel that simply broadcast everything he said and did 24-7/365, he'd do it in a second. His formative experience in the second half of his life is reality TV; the biggest danger in that world is not being talked about, not being relevant, not being part of the conversation.


Trump loved every one of the 77 minutes he performed in front of the national press corps on Thursday. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of these news conferences rather than fewer.



#82 SmarterThanYou


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Posted 17 February 2017 - 11:41 AM

Not sure which "facts" you are referring to. Perhaps you and the smart guy didn't bother to read my entire post. Why am I not surprised... :rolleyes:

And, if you read the article, Obama did inherit a HUGE mess from the Bush Admin. Did you already forget the economic collapse that was under-way when Obama became President in 2009?

In sharp contrast, Trump hasn't inherited any (significant) economic "mess". Pretty much all economic indicators have, or continuing to improve.

You're welcome.

#83 georjec2



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Posted 17 February 2017 - 12:13 PM

"They knew what they were getting"

I truly do not believe that Trump "knew what [he was] getting." I can't imagine he was prescient enough to think he was "getting" anything; except maybe another venue for that bully pulpit.

This is a guy for whom being disagreed with is a foreign notion; he's disagreeable, sure, but nobody challenges the Donald. He holds a press conf. because he's still cocksure that he can say any blithering mush that pops into that fuzzy head of his & it'll be believed. He's convinced that questions from the press are anomalies that he can suppress w/ further helpings of blithering mush.

Nixon was famously quoted: "If the President does it, it's not illegal." This was a defense against criticism; not a policy statement. Trump cannot even countenance criticism: "Here, let me try lying to or ridiculing you in a different way; then you'll finally shut up & believe everything we say."

This will go on for a few weeks more; by then even the gul"lib"le media'll've given up tryna place this admin. "in context." When Pence & a few brave friends cart him outta the W.H. & put him on Air Force One for Trump Tower one last time, he'll truly believe they'll be acting in his best interests & that this'll simply mean that whole "Q&A" madness will cease once & for all.

Wow! Pretty Good!


#84 jtowne-swim



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Posted 17 February 2017 - 11:47 PM

Sorry but there are posters here that say it was Obama's fault and Harry Reid's fault for not working with the Republicans. :)

Snowed and Collins where forced to cancel meetings with the president to find comon ground.
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