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All Politics aside, I'll have it on the TV in the corner, I don't know why. I just don't think it should be a Forum for Politics, It's all Hollywood just giving themselves a pat on the back as far as I'm concerned anyway, just get on with the Show or Get Off!


That being said I'll just give my thoughts on the 4 out of the 9 Best Picture Nominees that I saw in Alphabetical order.


Arrival - Are you Kidding? I thought it Sucked! And I consider myself a Huge SF Fan with loads of SF movies saved on my Hard Drives.


Hacksaw Ridge - Excellent, bloodiest combat I've seen on screen since Saving Pvt Ryan. Good Story too. My War Movie collection I'll stand up against Anyone's.

                            Shows how Fanatical the Japanese were more than almost Any War Movie I've seen including the ones made During the War!


Hell or High Water - Pretty good Drama, best Western type film in a long time. Didn't know what it was going in but it surprised me how good it was. I might save it on a HD, Maybe.

                                "My Name is Earl" fans will spot Patty the Daytime Hooker in the beginning!


Hidden Figures - I Liked it, don't doubt the back story and I get where it's coming from but the biggest worry abt Glenn's flight was the microswitch for the landing bag. I'm big on Spaceflight too.

                            Had to take it down a notch for the poor special effects for the flight, but I guess they wanted to concentrate on the story.


OK, now the rest of you can spout about Your Movies & Actors.



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