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Stop saying "Thank You for your service" to vets

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It does feel awkward at times. Your hubby sounds close to my age, or a little older maybe. That's pretty cool being a JAG. Does he feel as bad as I do about what has happened with the corps , such as the sex scandal and all? I never thought I would live to see these things that are happening now. As much as I respect it, it isn't the Marine Corps I joined. I'm old fashioned and don't believe combat is a place for our country's women. I was raised to put women on a pedestal , treat them with respect and protect them.


My husband graduated from college in 1969 as a 2nd lt, asked to go to law school and they granted it because they needed Marine lawyers.  He just turned 70.


Our youngest son in also a Marine.  He says that he wanted to do something his father didn't do so he enlisted in the Corps right out of high school.  He was the youngest in his company to graduate from Parris Island.  He got off active duty just before Iraq.  Neither one of them talk much about what's happening with the sex scandal, etc. but are still quite proud to say they are Marines.

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